Mobile Road Warrior Finally a business software for my mobile phone that actually works
I spend countless hours on the road working. I've owned a landscaping company, , since 2004. This wasn't some established company I went out and bought. It had to be built from the ground up.

There was a huge learning curve. Even working for other companies in management for over seventeen years there was a lot to learn. Taxes, paperwork, scheduling, employees, and the list goes on. It wasn't long before I realized even the best bookkeeper can't keep up with what is going on in the field without some sort of invoicing system.

I tried books, paper invoices, emailing reminders, and yet I kept finding myself in the same situation over and over at the end of the month. I'd spend nearly a whole days sorting through paperwork and receipts trying to see who paid and who still owed me. I was losing a lot of money.

Customers were asking me, "What do I owe you?" . I couldn't tell them because I didn't know myself. We were resorting to the last check date written in the customer's checkbook and how many times we services the property since that time at one point. This just wasn't working out at all.

Enter Mobile Road Warrior. Suddenly there was a powerful invoicing software at my fingertips. I could track each job with a quick search, enter check numbers, and quickly tell my customer's what the outstanding balances were. Mobile Road Warrior even has the ability to remember my products and services, add tax, and give detailed reports.

My bookkeeping is still not perfect. There is still the human factor. Now and again I find myself forgetting to invoice for the work I and my crews are doing. I'm not losing nearly as much money as before because of this simple software.

I've talked to the author of the software about bugs or changes specific to my company. +Rimma has been nice enough to modify the software and fix buys very quickly. I'll be keeping a look out for new products from this upstart company.

If you work on the road and need a software for mobile invoicing give Mobile Road Warrior a try. Once you use the free trial available on the Google Play Store you will likely purchase the software. It's a great value and worth much more than the asking price.

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