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turtle man³ (tea)
{ 🌙 } they ain't savage like me.
{ 🌙 } they ain't savage like me.


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im so sleepy fuck

uhh im up super early but im just gonna sleep in the car on the way to my aunts house lmao

alright i have to wake up super early uwu night night

please love and appreciate my very special bb +meringue 국​ okay jk is very important to me uwu

holy shit boy meets world is on

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im gonna finish buzzfeed unsolved bye

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My abc's

(A)re you single: yes

(B)oy best friend: eli and luciel

(C)rushing on someone?: yes

(D)rink you had last: water

(E)asiest person to talk to: idk

(F)avorite person: i have a lot of favorite people so

(G)irl best friend : yussie, jordyn, alice

(H)ome town: florida

(I)n love with: ethan dolan and +jonghyun's sugar baby​​ :)

(J)ealous of: no one

(K)nown as: tea

(L)ongest friendship: my friend ellie it was like 9-10yrs ago

(M)iddle name: meralys

(P)erson that gives good advice: idk

(Q)uestion I'm always asked: how old are you?

(R)eason to smile: dolan twins

(S)ong you last listened to: catfish pizza peanut butter jelly

(T)ime you woke up: 6:30a

(U)gliest person on Facebook/G plus: im not saying because i believe everyone is beautiful in their own way

(V)iolent memory: idk

(W)orst habit: licking my lips, biting them, making turtle man face

(X)You never stopped loving: ethan dolan

(Y)our last hug: i don't remember

(Z)odiac sign: scorpio

I'll put the clean copy in the comments
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are you a slinky because i really wanna push you down the stairs
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