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I will circle any goddamned thing back


We should bring it back.
I'm loudog999,follow me

My couch is too far away from an outlet for me to play 3DS while it's charging. Life is hard sometimes. 

Why are they booing Flacco? He is the only thing about that team that I don't despise. 

Scobee has been amazing tonight.

I have the privilege of watching Kendra with my wife right now. If I play my cards right I might get some Dancing with the Stars. 

What the fuck is a +EVANGELIST BESSIE ROBINSON and why did it just add me to a circle.

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God Hand on the psn? Only $9.99? Take my money Sony.

$8 for crysis and 1/2 off portal 2? Yes Steam I think you can put me down for both.

So House is in jail now? Fuck him.
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