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What I would do if I could for a day...
I would skip a rock. I would grill a steak. I would go for a swim. I would feel the sun. I would give you a hug. I would ride bike. I would cry. I would roll in the hay. I would shake your hand, firmly. I would stretch out. I would be happy. I would be diff...

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Where to go for SCI info
Here are two websites to remember if you ever want to find
out anything about spinal cord injuries. You can join the CareCure forum to collect or acquire information
if you are a person with a spinal cord injury, family member, caregiver, health
care profes...

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For you trail cam aficionados here is all you need to know
for the new trail cams for 2017. If you are looking to buy one for yourself or
you are going to buy one for someone, hint hint, there's more information on
this website then you need to know. TRAILC...

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Dreams and stuff
Dreams are crazy thing. Some people think they have meaning
and others do not. I do not know which way to think but this is how my dreams
work. I rarely dream. Or I rarely remember what I was dreaming
about. But when I do remember it is usually not a good d...

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Trail cam season has begun
Have started setting up trail cameras. Excited for the upcoming season. There should be some big boys roaming around that I know made it through the off-season. #moultrie #mossyoak

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Ignorance Truly Is Bliss
2016 Memorial Day weekend I took a little vacation West
River. During this little five-day hiatus I didn't watch any news programs or
SportsCenter. It wasn't anything I planned on doing it just happened. I haven't
watched any local or national news since. I...

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92 days in 2017
This year started off with a bang. I spent New Year's Eve at
a cousin's wedding reception in Detroit Lakes. It was entertaining. I put on a
good performance. I overindulged. It was a blast. Stuff and things happened… I
may share couple of those stories, I m...

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Thank you Nurses
The nurse patient relationship is unique. It can be a
special bond. I don't know if it goes the same for the nurses but knowing
enough of them, I assume the relationship means the same for them. It is crazy what they'll do for a patient. The things they

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I got violated once, a bunch of times…
I can't believe I'm going to write about this and actually
post it in a public place. But some of the stuff is just too good not to share.
Some of you have witnessed stuff and things that have happened to me. Some of
the randomness that happens to me is abs...
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