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Winter 2016 : Nazmi at abangs' school
Lost and found boxes at the school hall.

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Winter 2016 : Meet large popo from Brazil

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Winter 2016 : iSnaps
Print the photos yourself from the smartphone or thumbdrive.

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Winter 2016 : New Smithfield Market, our playground on Sundays
One of the huge car boot sale areas near Manchester. We came here almost every weekend to look for unique/cheap/free furniture/toys/anything. I look for books sold for 50p each :) Gloomy winter.

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Winter 2016: Schedule February2016
Whenever I feel like missing my student life because I have so much to do at the office, I look back at my planner in 2016 and I am grateful that I am back to work now. haha.  Nowadays, when I go home, I dont have to stay awake to read academic journals and...

Post has attachment me in december...
Yes, we are back in Malaysia. I am working on some major events. Will continue the updates (yes, from winter 2016) later.

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Winter 2016 : Critical Reading workshop
I registered online for a Critical Reading workshop offered at My Learning Essentials. They have 3-4 interesting courses/workshop/seminar everyday, held in AGLC. It is free. You could just walk-in. This was my first time. Once I walked-in, one lady, a facil...

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Winter 2016 : Allotment
My BIL requested photos of allotments around Manchester. We stopped by at a few allotments but since we visited them in the winter, there is nothing much to be seen. However, this is a really nice spot for socialising. I would love to live in this beautiful...

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Winter 2016 : Go out, do something different and starts fresh!
That particular week, I felt like not leaving the house on Saturday morning because I have four essays to complete. But I changed my mind. I had a memorable chat with a PhD candidate, Jason, in the previous week while waiting for my sons (and Jason was wait...

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Winter 2016 : More Alan Gilbert Learning Commons
A lot of essays to complete! Argh.
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