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We launched a WINE-based version of Picasa for Linux in 2006 as a Google Labs project. As we continue to enhance Picasa, it has become difficult to maintain parity on the Linux version. So today, we’re deprecating Picasa for Linux and will not be maintaining it moving forward. Users who have downloaded and installed older versions of Picasa for Linux can continue to use them, though we won’t be making any further updates.

- Google blog

I noticed that. The steps forward Google makes. Soon they will run out of solid soil I fear!

But there is a fix for the Picasa 3.9 sign in bug! The "trick" is simply to install Internet Explorer 6 using Winetricks, which is required because Picasa 3.9 uses Google OAuth. Without IE6, the login window stays blank.

Installing IE6 one step forward for Google, one step back for the rest of us.
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