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Debra Youngblood
Starting a new career and loving every minute of it.
Starting a new career and loving every minute of it.

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I have seen my surgeon, and he said there is not much he can do at this point except a biopsy on the liver to see where the primary cancer is. His best guess is the pancreas. I had a CT scan and looking at the images were pretty scary. Right now, we are wor...

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Bragging Rights
I think I called myself a cancer survivor one too many times. I have recently been diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer. It is already in my liver. I am frightened, and not really believing it all right now. I will have a CAT scan tomorrow to determine th...

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My sister, Linda Jean, died today. I can't process this. I know she is gone, and I know she is with God, somehow, someway, however it is when we close our eyes for the last time in this life and awake to what comes. I feel so empty. I know her children are ...

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Therapeutic Endeavors
What I Learned As a Child I see a therapist every two weeks now. It has helped me a lot. He is a good therapist to work with. He gives me homework to do. This is part of it. I haven't written anything here for a long time. Life has been hectic and those cur...

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On December 21st, I lost my dear brother. I don't know how to handle it. I really don't. There is no one here where I live that I can talk to about it, except a therapist, and I already know what they will say. It hurts as bad as losing my mother. Almost. I...

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more news
A lot has changed since I wrote that last post. I got pneumonia again! I learned some very unfortunate news about my brother. We have lost a wonderful gifted writer from our blogosphere, Joe Spado, "Spadoman" of Round Circle. He has imparted such wisdom ove...
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