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Well, FB has finally pushed me over the edge. I'd been wavering about G+ but I think, for me, it's won.
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It's far too confusing and blinky and pushy now. And I can't see the most recent posts anymore, just the most popular. It's really annoying.
Ugh, I hate clutter!
Its driving me insane. And honestly - with all the flipping changes, they STILL haven't added an "edit" button to posts? Really?
Fuck Facebook. There! I said it.
I managed to get rid of the ticker off to the side with a Chrome extension myself, I seem to be seeing recent stories there instead of top stories but I'm not completely sure I'm seeing all stories. I do wish they'd stop messing with what works!
enn jay
Facebook sux
Full of fkn tossers >:) 
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