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Julia Zegarra
...tastes like glitter mixed with rock 'n' roll
...tastes like glitter mixed with rock 'n' roll

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Wow. When you don't log in here for a couple of months, things change. A lot.

I dumped Klout today. I don't need the stress of an internet popularity contest.

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I know I'm cross posting this everywhere, but my boss was on John Stossel last night, defending the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Well, FB has finally pushed me over the edge. I'd been wavering about G+ but I think, for me, it's won.

Post has attachment Odd messages on my front porch...

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Just, y'know, hitting all the social media with it. :

A capella Doctor Who. Full of win.

In the midst of freaking out about a press release I nearly missed getting on the news wire, two of my smoke alarm batteries decided to shit the bed. Because I wasn't stressed enough as it was. No. chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp It's a good thing I didn't have easy access to a hammer.

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Stoves. And stuff.

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Freddy Mercury would have been 65 today. Only the Canadians, apparently, get the cool widget on Google, though.
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