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Nerium Product Launch and How To Become A Nerium Brand Partner

Sun, October 8, 2017
11:30 AM – 2:30 PM

The Bogey Bar & Grill
6013 Glick Road
Dublin, OH 43017

Join us at a VIP Nerium Launch Party, you’ll be treated to a mimosa bar, delicious hors d’oeuvres while we demo an exciting line of proven, age-defying products that will help you look better, feel better, and live better!

Also learn how to become a Nerium Brand Partner. Explore the opportunity, potential, freedom and rewards many Brand Partners enjoy as they build their business, create personal happiness and live a better life.

It’s a chance for you to enjoy a Early Sunday with new friends, and learn about AUTHENTIC TRANSFORMATIONS that are taking place for real people just like you. Come relax at Bogey Inn in Dublin Ohio. Meet some of the friendly people and sample some great products.

One lucky attendee will receive a surprise gift valued at $75! All attendees will have the option to achieve more youthful-looking skin, without any pressure, gimmicks or commitments.

Contact Ray at (440) 779-4325 with any questions. Please share and bring a friend!

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Sales Conference Marketing: How to Plan for Success

If you’ve been put in charge of planning your company’s upcoming sales conference, chances are you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. After all, this is a likely big investment and an opportunity for you to either shine or feel the repercussions if all doesn’t go smoothly. By thoroughly planning ahead and teaming with the right experts, the event can be both memorable and motivating, while improving your own standing within your organization.

The best place to start is by understanding the goal of the sales conference. Is it to motivate and reward your sales force or distributors? Are you trying to provide a networking opportunity for different regional groups? Or perhaps the conference is to introduce a major new product? Knowing the goal will determine all the aspects of the conference, including the venue, speaker, and activities.

Once you have a clear purpose for your sales conference, you can create the preliminary agenda. It’s important to figure out what types of meeting spaces you might need for small group and large group sessions or presentations. Will your company be entertaining attendees on the venue grounds or will there be golf outings, fishing trips, local scenic tours, museum visits, spa or shopping excursions? Knowing all of this will help determine the location and type of venue needed.

Establish a budget. You need to know how much you have to spend on the venue, a speaker(s), entertainment, food, drinks, pre-show marketing, event signage, apparel, gifts, staffing, etc.

Book your venue, hotel rooms, and any transportation needed. This includes airfare if necessary, as well as shuttle buses to and from an airport or entertainment venues.

Secure your speaker and hire any vendors you might need. Find out what types of accommodations your speaker requires. Line up any vendors needed to produce or assist with your marketing materials.

Figure out how much branding you’d like to do. Should your sales conference have a logo that supports its theme? A consistent look and message will go a long way. How much signage will be needed at the event? Will each attendee receive a gift, and if so, will imprinted promotional items be included? Use the same color scheme and design on the invite, email updates, program books, event schedules, social media, etc.

Begin formulating a social media plan. This should include everything from having a Facebook event page and/or a Twitter hashtag. Posts leading up to the event can help attendees reserve the date.

Consider using an event app. Event apps can be fully branded and customized to promote your conference while informing and engaging your audience before, during and after the event. These apps can also be a great way for participants to connect.

Try to anticipate your attendees’ needs. Will they need phone charging stations? Will a secure Wi-Fi network be available? Does the venue offer healthy vegan menu options?

Conduct a post-conference survey. This can be done at the conclusion of your event or sent to attendees afterwards. It’s a great way to gain feedback and improve upon your success.

If you have an upcoming sales conference and would like to work with a marketing team that’s experienced in this process, contact Patti at Linear Creative in Cleveland: (216) 741-1533

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Looking for a highly optimized website that’s integrated with tracking codes for lead capture? Check out the new site we designed and developed for Nitor Partners, a leading Source-to-Pay services firm. This company is all about empowering high-level clients to achieve procurement excellence, so we pulled out all the stops to effectively reach and communicate with Nitor’s important niche audience.

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Getting a video produced for a business, school or other organization doesn’t have to be expensive. At Linear Creative, we create surprisingly affordable videos that help our clients tell their message in a succinct, memorable and effective way. Video is now considered one of the most important pieces to any digital content strategy. Call us today to find out exactly how our competitive pricing and fast turnaround stack up to most other sources.

Call us at 216.741-1533 (Cleveland) or 440.799.4325 (Columbus).

Or visit our website at:

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There are a lot of moving parts to a successful online marketing strategy, and integrating all the pieces can be quite challenging.

At Linear Creative, we work with our clients to develop key messages that can be developed seamlessly across multiple platforms to help you elevate your brand and achieve specific goals.

Our tactics include:
• Agreeing on a clear brand narrative
• Developing new websites or improving existing ones
• Creating dedicated landing pages with lead capture
• Writing content that’s easily digestible, relevant, and engaging
• Choosing the right social media channels
• Establishing an organic search vs. paid search balance
• Keywords, keywords, keywords
• Creating a quality offering
• Online ads (banner ads, social media ads, Google AdWords)
• Integrating video
• Search, blog, email marketing
• Analyzing performance
Leverage our experience and learn how our team can support your Social Media Marketing and Website Development needs

GET INTEGRATED.Call 216.741.1533 or shoot us an email:

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Our STAFF is the perfect mix of seasoned PROS and young TECHIES.

They have developed and executed successful campaigns for a wide range of consumer, nonprofit, academic, industrial, medical, aerospace, water filtration, plumbing, horticulture and other focus areas. They understand your market and your audience. They can take a traditional campaign and elevate it to today’s mobile level, engaging an audience that’s married to their smartphones. Get acquainted with our smart team.

Call us at 216.741-1533 (Cleveland) or 440.799.4325 (Columbus).

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My Summer Internship Experience at Linear Creative.

Spending my summer as an intern at Linear Creative has taught me a lot about the world of advertising. Going into my third year at The Ohio State University as a Marketing major and Media Production and Analysis minor, I came into this position confident in my understanding of social media and visual aesthetic. I was surprised to learn that this job also included a much more analytical side.

When looking for an internship this summer, I did not know what to expect. Some of my friends’ experiences in their own internships ranged from getting coffee and answering phones to directly working on major projects. When I found out I was going to work on actual client assignments, I was almost daunted by the amount of responsibility, but ready to show what I could do. Having a significant role in our clients’ campaigns kept me motivated, enthusiastic, and gave me an extra boost of confidence whenever I successfully completed my work.

During my internship I served as a supporting role to the Social Media Manager. I was also introduced to SEO techniques and Facebook’s Business Manager, both of which I’m sure I will continually use in my career. The hands-on experience I got from seeing how to create a webpage, planning budgets for ad campaigns, and evaluating post reach and engagements has helped me learn more about advertising than any of my classes so far.

I used my experience with personal use of social media to help create posting content, edit photos, increase follower count while maintaining a favorable follower-to-following ratio, and connect with other users, whether it be other companies and organizations or the client’s own customers. When I go back to school this fall, I think that my expanded understanding of the “behind-the-scenes” aspect of advertising will help me with all the technical terms used in my business classes. At the very least, I will go back to school with the certainty that I have chosen the major that is right for me.

My supervisor, Amanda, has been awesome and I owe most of the knowledge I am gaining from this experience to her. She always makes sure to show me what she’s doing when she is working on something I haven’t seen before and she explains exactly what the goals are and how to approach them. The entire Linear Creative team has been extremely welcoming and I really feel that my input is valued here; I leave every day in a good mood, already excited to come back. I am grateful that I found this position this summer and it has been everything I was looking for in an internship experience, and I will definitely miss it.

My advice to other students seeking an internship is to start looking early! I consider myself lucky for finding Linear Creative; the office wasn’t actively looking for an intern, but I asked if there was anything I could do for them just to give me the experience of working in an advertising/marketing agency. Even if a company does not have a job posting, simply calling and offering to help may work to get you the experience you need. Companies want to help students trying to get into the field they are studying. And lastly, don’t be afraid to ask questions about work or advice pertaining to a career in that industry. The whole point of an internship is to gain experience, and the people you work with will have a lot to share.

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We know how to generate success.

The basic challenge for just about any nonprofit organization is increasing their funding. For Ohio Cancer Research, we’ve orchestrated a $10 Million “Be a Life Changer™” Endowment campaign. From a thorough case study and endowment fund set-up, to donor ask materials and a social awareness campaign, we’re currently supporting OCR in their efforts to fund life-saving cancer research.

Linear Creative is highly sought after in the local fundraising arena, helping clients like OCR, Providence House, Merrick House, North Coast Men’s Chorus, and The Cleveland Police Foundation reach their annual and long-term goals.

By now you have hopefully seen some of the work we’ve done for various Ohio nonprofit agencies. Thanks for letting us share our story, and for getting to know a little more about Linear Creative. We would like to follow up with you soon to see if you might be interested in talking with us about our services that are always discounted to nonprofit agencies in Ohio.

To learn more about Linear Creative’s nonprofit support, visit:

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“Linear Creative gave Ohio Cancer Research a major rebranded look. From our logo and business cards to our literature and online presence, we now have a clean, recognizable look that matches the quality of our organization.”

- Bill Boggess, Associate Executive Director Ohio Cancer Research


Ohio Cancer Research is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to the cure and prevention of the many types of cancer. OCR helps generate basic seed money used to fund innovative cancer research at major medical centers and universities in Ohio. They also work tirelessly to spread cancer awareness and prevention information.

To compete successfully in the nonprofit market, OCR called upon Linear Creative to freshen up their look and create identity guidelines that would make it easy for their staff and their stakeholders to follow. Helping to fight against cancer is both serious and time-consuming, so we made the rebranding process fast and easy for OCR.

Thinking of a logo redesign or a total rebranding launch? Visit to see what we’ve done for OCR and some of our other nonprofit clients.

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Is your company reaching its marketing goals?

Call or email us to schedule a coffee break to chat about how Linear Creative can help you get there.

(216) 741-1533 or
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