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A smart-airhead: Is That a Contradiction in Terms?
A smart-airhead: Is That a Contradiction in Terms?


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On When Milestones in History Are Too Significant to be Ignored
And love wins. We're talking about the significant step forward taken in Germany today. Surely, some will say this was purely political expediency on the part of important politicians to remain in power, but the fact remains that lives will be changed as of...

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On When Bigotry Joins the Stockolm Syndrome
As if there is nothing else to deplore in this whole wide world, there's this: " The tragedy is that more of them didn't die. " Sad, sad, sad, sad. Now, go out there and denounce this savagery.

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On When the Dark Side Takes Over
Photo credit: Google While the latest attack on western liberties has left everyone in shock and disbelief, we are quick to jump to conclusions. In this particular case, the murderer's religion and world view is to blame. Not so fast, we say. Western societ...

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The Dalai Lama Just Told the World to Stop Praying for Paris
Photo: Yancho Sabev Carey Wedler ( ANTIMEDIA ) In the Western world, the Dalai Lama is best known for promoting consciousness, self-evolution, and inner peace. Though he is an outspoken activist for freedom in his native country, Tibet, he rarely speaks on ...

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On When the Environment is Merely Collateral Damage and Lives are Lost
Photo: Agência Brasil - Dam Rupture For this blog post: List environmental disasters, from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, and over in other continents; Analyse their effect on wildlife and on the people directly impacted; Write a few words on the inability of ...

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On When Love Knows no Bounds
When people are allowed to express what they store in their hearts, things flow more freely and folks are able to achieve more. Pent-up emotions and repression have never been kosher. They will never be. When people are not allowed to grow to their full pot...

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On When Your Writing is put Aside
This is a reminder to myself that I have got to reconnect with my fellow bloggers the world over. It's just that this lack of writing stems from my being involved in other projects and unable to embrace the world, all in a handful. It's nice to find out, ho...

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On When the World Seems to be on a Downward Spiral
What can we do? Apparently, nothing. From our living rooms, watching our TV's, it's seems like an ocean away. Directly opposite to that, no, it's not. It's right within our grasp. We can do something about it. For starters, we can always sign that petition;...

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On When Hate Crimes are Rampant in Big Cities Across the Country
A young life snuffed out. They are increasingly more frequent, as Brazil is still reeling at the news of the death of 18-year-old João Donati (pictured) in Inhumas, in the state of Goiás, last Wednesday, 10 September. Homophobia in Brazil is growing at an a...
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