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Drew Perkins
Director of Professional Development at, musician, husband, father.
Director of Professional Development at, musician, husband, father.


Just got this phone using Metro PCS. Two do enable the pulse light to show me when I have new messages? I have yet to see it and I have enabled "Pulse notification light" in the Display settings. Also, in my messaging app I'm getting "this text field does not support GIF insertion" when trying to add a GIF to a text I missing something?

Have a Home, CC and CC audios all around the house. Considering getting my 8 and 10 year old girls Mini's for Xmas. I'm assuming it'll do all the things Home does in terms of commands, etc? I've trained my Home to recogize their voices and would like them to be able to play their own music in their rooms, set alarms, the games, etc. Anyone see any issues I'm not thinking of?

I have a Nexus 6 that I was using with Project Fi but then switched to Cricket. I'm not married to keeping my N6 but considering switching to Metro PCS for the unlimited plan for my daughter and I. Wondering if my N6 will work on Metro PCS and if anyone has any feedback on using them. They're on the T-Mobile network but like Cricket seem to be mostly used by pre-paid folks. I've been fine with Cricket, they take my money out monthly and the service has been good, just not an unlimited plan that I'm fond of.

My Nexus 6 just stopped charging today, especially on my fast charger. It was low after being on my regular charger overnight but I can't guarantee it was on correctly. I'm able to charge it using an external battery and it also charges on regular mini USB as well as from my laptop. At one point the charging (lightning bolt) was flashing. I've seen some similar comments/posts but nothing seems definitive. I've restarted a couple times, same problem.

Last couple of days my music playing via Home and various Chromecasts around the house has just stopped and restarted (sometimes music doesn't restart) randomly during play. It's almost like it's buffering then starts playing when it catches up. I've also had an issue where it will play the first few seconds of a song then go to the next song, repeat and repeat until I close out using the Home app several times.

Decided to leave Fi for Cricket. The service in some of the rural areas in which I travel was spotty or non-existent and the nail in the coffin was the other night when my daughter said she called me while I was at home but it never rang or showed any evidence of said call. I'm getting 3gb/mo on Cricket for $35 and I was under 2gb/mo on Fi, we'll see how that goes.

Anyone else get a periodic and random tone during calls that sounds like the person on the other end accidentally pressed a keypad/number button? I get it quite often and with multiple callers. Weird and annoying.

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So this is the update that has been discussed in this community, right? My Nexus 6 isn't supported but should I update it manually? Will it help with my battery life?
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