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Crowley collected $67,500 from his "backers", but spent $6,000 to make the trailer. That is the only accounting of that $67,500 dollars.    By the way, did anyone ask themselves where Crowley got all those guns (the real ones) and all that military apparatus, i.e. uniforms, military equipment, etc. Did he get these things from the military?  I mean, can I go out and buy all these  uniforms, guns, military equipment somewhere?  Frankly, all I see in Crowley's life is a man trying to perpetuate his military experience, not in continuing his  comraderie with fellow veterans  (for that he would have joined a veterans group for that), but in trying to perpetuate the killing experience he had over there.   His side business was "gun training" for actors; his movie showed no coherent story line, but just scenes of soldiers, shooting people, and acting like soldiers.  Frankly, I do not think the government would object to the message Crowley was trying to convey in the movie.  In NYC, we have soldiers on the streets with machine guns.  They are not needed there, but the  government has put them there for all of us to see in our daily lives.  Why?   

Was David Crowley a conspiracy theorist?  

If David Crowley was one of those infantrymen who was put on psychotropic drugs after being made a killing machine, it was wrong of the gov't to throw him back into civilian life where he was no longer suited.  But if they did give him some psychotropic drugs in the military, he could be easily manipulated.  I cannot help but think of Timothy McVeigh when I think of Crowley, and every conspiracy theorists distrusts Timothy McVeigh.  And what self-respecting "conspiracy theorist" joins the military for 5 years, signing up  repeatedly for tours of duties in Afghanistan and Iraq where every "conspiracy theorist" believes we have no business.  No  self respecting "conspiracy theorist" would ever join the military.  They know it is not their patriotic duty to go to  Afganistan to kill the Flintstones.    A conspiracy theorist knows these wars are fake and  wholly unjustifiable and would avoid any participation in it.  .  A more likely "conspiracy theory" is that Crowley was being financed by the military or govI't to look like a "conspiracy theorist gun-nut"  and then shoot his wife and child in order to get the attention of the media who will have another opportunity to tell us   "see what conspiracy theorists who are gun nuts do?"  They shoot their wives and children.  We told you "conspiracy theorists" were not to be trusted, and isn't it time to pass more gun control laws?"    I am a "conspiracy theorist" and I thought that Crowley's movie trailer stunk and that he himself was weird in doing no more than attempting to perpetuate  his military experience in civilian life with his civilian friends.  The movie trailer has no coherent story line to make you want to see it.  It was simply scenes of soldiers shooting for no apparent reason.   And where did he get all those guns and military apparatus for his rental and military training business for actors?  The family is even weirder than Crowley.  The family set up a website for a 6 million dollar fundraiser within 24 hours of their finding the rotting bodies of their family members, one of whom was 5 years old.  Does this sound like dotting grandparents to you.  One of the grandparents lived in the next town.  Didn't he think it was strange that his granddaughter was missing over Christmas?.  This family fundraiser was not set up for  "veterans with mental illness", but a fundraiser where they themselves  get to keep the money.   Does the decision to open up a website for a $6,000,000 fundraiser sound like someone who is in "shock", "grief"  at this horrendous and despicable act.  Does it sound like a family who should feel a little "guilty" for not acting to intervene when they could? The family is acting as if no one died.  The focus is entirely on them, their health care bills.  The  horrendous deaths are only the conduit to obtain money for themselves.  

Some of the things David Crowley and Komel were doing g in the short months before death,  sound like activities of someone who was about to change his location - like someone who was "moving."  Crowley ended his side prop rental and actor training business.    Crowley had a big yard sale at his home in September 2014 and was liquidating his  possessions.    His wife quit her job  even though she was the only person in that family bringing in an income.    Her website for her own business shows pretty clearly she was doing no business at all.  There was only one newspaper delivered to the house in the month they were inside and rotting. Are these not the actions of a family who appears like they were about to change their location?  

One of the weirdest things is that one of the neighbors were interviewed and said that they always kept the shades drawn on the front windows, and one of these windows was a large picture window.  Yet, when he shot his family, the neighbor noticed that the shades were open on the large picture window.  Since the bodies were found in direct view of that window, we know that he shot his whole family with the shades open in front of a large picture window.  You would think if he were mentally depressed and worried over financial matters and loved his family (at the very least his 5 year old) as he apparently did, he would shoot them not in front of a large open picture window in front of the house, but perhaps while they were in their beds sleeping.  The brother came over and surmised that his brother was in the house isolating himself again because he did not answer the door.  But isn't it a bit of a contradiction to be isolating yourself, yet, unlike past conduct, keep the shades of your large picture window open, for we know they must have been wide open when the brother came to the house to "drop off the presents" on the doorstep.  I would not draw the inference that my brother was isolating himself again if I saw the shades open of the large picture window, especially if it were a break with his past conduct in keeping them drawn.  

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