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If you could suggest one application that you were absolutely 100% sure would vastly change someone's daily experience with their computer. What would it be?

Mine. Every time I invoke 1Password, I remember the 3-5 seconds of frustration... "What's my password here again?" 1Password is my daily joy to use.
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This may be overcomplicated, but a souped-up Chrome install is night and day for anyone who spends more than a few minutes a day on the web.

Don't miss: Adblock, Readability Redux, and Ghostery. The first one is self-explanatory, the second one gives you one-click super-legible reformatting of articles, and the third strips out all the annoying web bugs and ad networks slowing down your viewing. Try a side by side load test of a big blog (HuffPo or something) in tweaked-out Chrome vs. your OS's default browser. No contest.
It completely depends on who I am talking to, but if I am talking to a programmer it would have to be, hands down, vim.
On the Mac I've recently been smitten with Moom. It makes it painless to arrange and tile windows on a big screen. Coupled with Lion's Mission Control I can finally get everything laid out just so.
Quicksilver ( is a favorite for eliminating a lot of swapping back and forth from keyboard to mouse and back again on my mac - I've been using it for a couple years now, and am still finding new ways to make use of it.
And another keyboard interface: I didn't think anything could replace Quicksilver, but Alfred ( proved me wrong. Developer is fast and communicates well. Addictive even without the Powerpack extensions.
an older version of speech recognition/dictation software. Maybe even the current ones.

Or did you mean a positive change?
For OSX command line lovers there's also DTerm. Get context-aware command line access to any file or folder that you're focused on.

If I used my Mac more I'd really love this one.
Sorry, I blew the Dterm pitch. Think of it as seamless pop up shell integration with Finder.
Bitcasa - when it's finished (shameless plug)
I am very much torn between 1password and alfred….how about invoking a 1password login from alfred?
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