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What the...I have a Galaxy Nexus. Must be my lucky day.
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I think it was Yakju. I recently moved from a custom ROM to stock and used the recovery images on Google's site. I recall using the ones w/o wallet which would be Yakju.
Nice ! Could you get the OTA url from logcat ?
Didn't think about capturing it. Was too worried about plugging it in to grab aLogcat and sift around.
Which nexus do you have? The one from google?
Could you like post the system dump to Xda so that we can have the taste of it? :)
You already got it. Im still waiting
were you able to grab the link? :-(
I'm here desperate, checking all my sources.
Can you back up your system -> wipe everything -> create a nano-backup (without booting the phone) of your new system image and upload it so that everyone else can flash.
Correction on the Takju/Yakju. While reporting an app problem, I noticed the build fingerprint show up as Takju...4.2. I must have installed that when I was returning to stock, and (because Wallet isn't available in Canada) just thought it was Yakju. May be worth installing Takju stock and seeing if you get any bites after hitting "Check Now". And +Nam Đặng just wait it out. At least someone who has the presence of mind to actually be running alogcat will get the OTA sooner or later.
I feel like I'm waiting in line for a new hat at the TF2 HQ.
Lol great comparison. Tonight I wait on 3 things: This, Nexus 4, and Black Ops 2
+Alankrut Patel Man, I know the feel. I'm not going to get the N4 though. I'm too clumsy to have a glass phone. BOPS II on the other hand... soon.
+Afzal Najam nice pic. Lol. But waiting is not what a Nexus owner does. We r impatient, that's y we have a Nexus :-P
I think. Goes to JZO, so it seems legit.
If you get it to download, let me know. Some people can, some others can't. I, for one, cannot.
Ok, nevermind, downloading directly from phone seems to work.
Ugh. I can't get stock 4.1.2 installed on the phone. Dangit.
I have not receive? who have yakju' 4.2 OTA ?
Derp. I swear I read the right numbers. I shall sleep now.
:/ Yeah, I think it's time to sleep on it. On the other hand, stock browser has "close other tabs"! My patch! Woot!
Thanks Raúl Colón, 4.2 is up and running on my GN :)
i think i'll wait for OTA. hope is coming today !
did you flashed it ?  how is the camera ?  HDR is there ?  speed ?
Also, my eyes are burning. I need to adjust these colors. Ugh.
The colors are a device thing. It's just that with root one can fix them.
anyway ,   i think this HDR isn't such an important feature.  we will probably get it ported from N4.
Try this :-
Wow. You guy are efficient. Only a few hours and the URLs are all over the place. Thanks for all the effort, +Raúl Colón , +Danish Prakash and all of the others.
hey, anyone has a small screen flash when entering camera ?  why is that ?
+Daniel Nastase yes. I see a brief half second of something that isn't true black, followed by the actual camera. Its more noticeable from the lockscreen widget. No big deal for me, though. I think there are bigger fish to fry with this update to be honest. For example, the notification widgets look a bit tacked on. They look a lot more refined in other ROMs. For example, +Peter Alfonso 's Bugless Beast has some pretty slick toggles and they're very convenient to access.
yep, you're right.  notification toggles looks unfinished.
I seriously have no idea why everyone's making a fuss about the camera "widget" on the lockscreen. It actually takes more effort to launch it now.

Google Now is located on the navigation bar, where it usually is throughout the OS, and the unlock ring is just for that, unlocking.
I got an error 7 when i tried to flash :\
Oh I think its because I have yakju not  takju !
Thanks for your reply Ray, it seems that the version bought directly from Google (takju) is the one getting the update first, if I am reading it correctly, I'll hang on a while and see if I get the update automatically before delving too deep, don't want to break it.
+Colin Wellard ,you could just flash with the full recovery images from takju, and wait a bit for the OTA to roll in.
+Johnny Love Well, Google did. Toro is up on AOSP and I think the image is up? Unsure. But AOSP is... almost sure.
When I update nothing happens and when I try to update again it said you are up to date but on the version it says 4.1.2
Hi im from europe and i have nexus yakju. I want this update(4.2) how days comming in europe. If you now please tell me every boby
+When? If you want to see what type(yakju or takju...) is yor device. Go to maps->setings->adout.. And his say.... +Chris Taylor what type your device
i saw a nexus 4 review and noticed that it also has screen flash when entering camera  but camera rotation is smooth in nexus 4.
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