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(throwing money to the screen)... shut up, take my money and send me OTA update now.!
Wow ur eager. As long as you have a 3g GN, just head over to the recovery image site and grab the latest Takju build for your phone. The OTAs at least started out for that build a few days ago. From what I read, you may even find the latest 4.2 recovery images there. Note hat flashing a recovery image will wipe your phone. Also, standard disclaimer does apply. If your phone gets jacked up, it's on you.
Yeah, witch is why I rather wait for OTA update... (lets see how strong I am for that). I bougth a nexus over my galaxy S looking forward to stop flashing custom roms and stuff, and let google do the job, but damn they take their own time right.? Thanks anyways
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