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Einstein Medical Center Montgomery
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559 W Germantown Pike East Norriton, PA 19403
559 West Germantown PikeUSPennsylvaniaEast Norriton19403
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"Beautiful facility, nice private rooms, ok "room service."
"I brought my 4 year old status asthmaticus son here in respiratory distress."
"My experience with the Einstein Healthcare Network has been a complete disaster."
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mariella montaigne
2 weeks ago
My experience with the Einstein Healthcare Network has been a complete disaster. I had a surgery on December 9, 2015 with Dr Menkowitz. My deductible with my AETNA insurance was paid in full at the time of the surgery, but they charged me $500 (five hundred dollars) for my copay. After the surgery I contacted my insurance immediately (next day) and I was advised to called them back, they have to reimburse the money. Since they already collected the money with my health insurance and acknowledge the problem, they did not bother to send me a bill...or at least a list of my expenses. I have been talking to people at the Einstein and leaving messages with the Financial Counselor (Kimberly) with no luck. They just do not bother to return phone calls. On January 11th, 2016 I was lucky to talk to a real person (Sheila) who acknowledge the problem and send an email to the person in charge so they can proceed to solve the problem. Finally on January 20, I decided to place my complaint with the BBB and after 4 minutes from my last message to Kimberly, she called me back to tell me she got just 2 messages from me and she was not the right person to talk to. I got from her another phone number with an extension and a new name, Katrina, but when called they just transfer my phone call to another extension and got the chance to talk to Dora, a Supervisor from Customer Service who told me I have to wait another 6 weeks in order to get my refund. Great customer service !!!
• • •
Katie Moquin
a month ago
Staff is very unknowledgeable. I brought my 4 year old status asthmaticus son here in respiratory distress. We were visiting his grandmother and I had no choice but to bring him here thinking I was doing the best and they would automatically start him off on a continuous neb. to try to break him sooner... Nope just plain old regular duo neb- (after I already told them I gave him a 5mg albuterol with Atrovent which is more than just a regular duo neb) We came in at 8pm (oxygen was low 86%. Normal is 92%) gave them his history of PICU admission to CHOP requiring nasal CPAP (non invasive mechanical ventilation-- he is a frequent flyer with multiple admissions, VERY bad asthmatic so I know when he starts breathing heavy and wheezing it's time to bring him to the closest ER right away!) they seemed concerned, over an hour and a half goes by and The doctor came back saying he would review the chest X Ray, the problem was we didn't even get it done yet. Meanwhile my son was still breathing with a respiratory rate in the 50's, retracting, and nasal flaring. Nope still continuing with just 2 more REGULAR nebs... Oxygen was still low now 85% the nurse comes in a he was sleeping, so she moved the probe around a couple times, the monitor was reading perfectly fine. Finally a tech came in a put him on oxygen (thank god someone with some sense) then around 2am they decide to call CHOP ambulance team to come and get him. Still no more treatments... They said the chest X Ray was "normal" CHOP ambulance team came and started him off on a continuous neb for the mean time since it was 3am already and his last breathing treatment was at 11:30pm-- We finally arrived at CHOP where my son was directly admitted and then placed on a continuous neb with a large dose of medication and around 5 am they had to call a CAT code my son's oxygen was 83% on 100% Fi02 (the maximum amount of oxygen you can receive) they had to give him 3 boluses of magnesium and a shot of turb. to try to turn him around took a chest X Ray and what did it reveal??? RIGHT MIDDLE LOBE PNEUMONIA (thanks for missing that one Einstein!!!) They had to quickly transfer my son to the PICU where he almost had to end up on the ventilator (life support/breathing machine) The doctors at CHOP couldn't believe that they didn't give him something to break him sooner at Einstein. I am a Respiratory Therapist, however I don't brag about it when I took my son there I expected for them to at least contact respiratory to come see my 4 YEAR OLD SON in respiratory distress. Nope nothing, they didn't know what they were doing! I understand that they don't have a pediatric floor at this hospital but if a 4 year old status asthmaticus is coming in with known PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) admissions on NCPAP just transfer him!!! Or if you don't know contact the Respiratory Therapist (some one who SPECIALIZES in this) to come and assist you!!!! I feel as if they truly knew what they were doing he could've turned around faster. I know my child and I know RESPIRATORY. Instead they procrastinated and since I was already over an hour away from my home and further away from CHOP I thought I was doing the right thing by rushing him to the nearest hospital. Please do not take your CHILD here if they are known asthmatics or severe asthmatics.. I am so thankful my son didn't end up on the ventilator because of these incompetent and unconcerned nurses and doctors.
• • •
Ron Pariser's profile photo
Ron Pariser
in the last week
Rooms , aided and nurses are good Very poor communication. I am not able to speak to hospitalists or consultants very often for my father. He goes there because ambulance takes him. Paoli was much better
Jackle Hide's profile photo
Jackle Hide
2 months ago
Terrible rude staff! Long wait and pushy ignorant staff. Never have I been so offended by staff at a hospital that are supposed to be professionals! If you have a choice choose to go elsewhere!
Holly Rent
3 weeks ago
We brought my 85 yr old father in here unresponsive. ER staff was extremely rude & very discourteous. We waited in ER for over 6.5 hours waiting for ICU to contact ER staff about a room. Every time I or my 78 yr old mom asked to get an update, we were met w/ opposition & disgust. I kept asking b/c my Mom was not feeling well & needed to go home. The facility is beautiful but the the majority of the staff have NO clue what they are doing & are very unknowledgeable about medical procedures & courses of action. They even asked for the same documentation that we've given them the past 3xs we've been there which forced my elderly mom to leave to get it only to have staff come back 10 min later stating it was found. This lead to mom coming back & WAITING for several hours before they decided what was going to happen. I myself, went to facility a couple months ago barely able to walk. I was there for over 3 hrs only to have them say they didn't know what it was & gave me Tylenol & ibuprofen without taking an X-Ray or ultrasound to see what happened to my knee. I would NEVER take any member of my own family to this hospital. They've got a lot to learn about compassion & bedside manner.
• • •
Jim Donnelly's profile photo
Jim Donnelly
4 weeks ago
How to describe my experience at this hospital? I came in with road rash after a motorcycle accident. The nurses, doctors, and students were fast, efficient, and friendly. The billing department is what gets you. That same day I provided all of my insurance information. Today, January 8 2016 I received my 7th phone call from billing since my accident September 5th 2015. They will not update my account with my insurance information. They keep trying to convince me that I was driving a car when I crashed. I spoke to several managers of this incompetent establishment and each time they dodged accountability and passed blame to someone else. Each week I get phone calls asking for the same information that I've provided 7 times now to them. I have even received collection notices from them threatening me with bills that they won't let my insurance pay. I would put them at the same level as comcast with their horrible customer service. I would rather have skipped the hospital and treat my injuries at home than have to deal with these FOOLS again. Think twice about coming to this hospital. You literally might be better off dying a quick death than to be tortured by phone call and letter bombardment. Do they realize people work full time jobs during business hours? How are you only open 8-4? The workers are under qualified to work at Walmart let alone deal with my health finances. Do not go here.
• • •
John Tancredi
4 months ago
Einstein Medical Center in East Norriton, PA is run by incompetents. I stayed there this past week with shortness of breath and swollen feet & ankles, and distended abdomen. Nursing staff was inattentive--I had to press the call button several times before getting their attention, then when they did arrive in my room, my request seemed to have fallen into a black hole. I'm also a type 2 diabetic. They had me fast for 10 hours for a medical test before checking my blood glucose, which had plumetted to 65. Only then did the give me a glucose injection to prevent me from going into diabetic shock. I have heart failure, so I spoke with 3 different cardiologist's that arrived in my room unannounced. The first one, whom I recognized, I had stopped seeing 4 or 5 years earlier because I found him to be incompetent--I had to question his prescription for a high dose bp med, only then did he adjust the dose. This was not an isolated incident. While in my hospital room he talks to me about the possibility of me needing a pacemaker. The next day he's back in my room telling me a pacemaker won't be necessary. The following day I spoke with a cardiologist from the same office. She could not speak clear English, but I gathered from her gibberish that a pacemaker is still being considered. Oh, and meal delivery is excrutiating slow. Instead of making my meal selections by circling menu offerings the day before, and all meals arrive in the room approx. the same times each day; they require patients to phone their menu choices for each meal, one meal at a time, then they told me on the phone my meal would be delivered in 45 minutes or less. Liars! My meals typically arrived in an hour or more. On my last day there the meal was delivered 1 1/2 hours after I phoned in my menu choices. Did I say the "hot" open face turkey sandwich was stone cold? It was. DO NOT request to be admitted to Einstein, E Norriton. Unless you don't care about your health. I could go on and on, but I'm certain readers of this review will understand to stay away from Einstein East Norriton PA, unless you don't value your life.
• • •
Michelle Overbeck
3 months ago
I've been here three times for your emergency services. Each time I was seen quickly, the check-in personnel was kind and discreet, and the hospital staff did a great job at treating me with respect and professionalism, making me feel safe and well cared for.


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