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Holy hell, Batman! I am updating this thing!

Dearest Grad School Committee,

Thank you for accepting me, y'all. Much love.

As far as what's going to happen between now and then? Ima have to be creative. I have a lot of time on my hands. Recommend books and films!

To anyone who may have received an e-mail about how to make money at home or whatever...don't open it. My account was hacked and was just notified of this. Meh meh meh meh. :(

A. I am Bald.
Z. I am poor.
XIV. Clementine remains to be adorable BUT ME TIRED OF CHASING HER WAY FROM MAH ELECTRONIZZZ. she eat dem. and she eat dem good.
46. I like trolls. Not in the internet sense but like those little toy dudes with the colorful hair.
1. I love to buy movie. Movie love to buy my time.


The end.

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In an hour or so of peace and a state of relaxation, I recorded this little ambient piano ditty. Work in progress of course. Very sweet and melancholy.

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I know people never understood why I enjoyed Mark Linkous' (Sparklehorse) music so much. The man has since committed suicide ending an already tragic life. His voice and his overall genius production were the voice and sound of my heart for so many years. Listen to a piece of Mark's final productions that have been released. This one features David Lynch on vocals and he surprisingly captures Mark's tone perfectly and it sounds beautiful. Heartbreaking song. Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse "Stars Eyes (I Can't Catch It)" feat. David Lynch

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One more before I sleep. Perfect for the sleep thang. Very dreamy cut from my latest muse, Eric Copeland! Eric Copeland - U.F.O.'s Over Vampire City

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I feel as if the music I share can be heard by more folks considering this account is far more public than my facebook. With that being said, here is an artist who has been inspiring the living hell out of me lately: Eric Copeland (of Black Dice). Listen to his new single "Car Alarm" here. Sample heavy, strange vocals, wonderful loops, blissful, offbeat and strangely catchy.

Oh, audio books. What's wrong with me? Oh, it must be Joseph Campbell. That utterly dense bastard!

As the days go by, I realize I have become considerably more serious about life. Thus, a lot of the extracurricular nonsense I deal with becomes more and more obnoxious. I am content with working, studying, and continuing my craft over whatever stupid nonsense a lot of folks my age are up to. Not trying to sound holier than thou. I just seem annoyed with things lately. Maybe all this time off has driven me a little beyond anxious. Fall 2012, you have never been needed more.
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