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Jimi Cutting
Just another human on the road of life
Just another human on the road of life

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Emotional Disconnection
I don't know if this is the best description of what I am going to talk about, but it will serve the purpose.  It is funny how language not only changes, but how the combination of words can have different meanings to who hears it.  At any rate, I have noti...

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Popularity & Labels In Adult Life
In mid-June of 1992 I was very excited as I was graduating from high school and, so I thought, leaving behind the shadows of popularity contests, labels, cliques and instant judgments.  Boy, was I ever wrong.  If there is one social lesson I learned from my...

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Google+ Comments
I have had to disable Google+ comments.  Until such a time as I can figure out how to stop them from making a comment on a post containing the post they will remain disabled.

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Always Watching Never Seen
Let me explain a bit about my physical appearance:  I am 6'8 and right around 300 pounds.  I am very broad shouldered and take up my own fair share of space.  However, I don't project myself, I tend to be more withdrawn and therefore tend to fade into the c...

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A Modern Day Hercules
For the most part I am going to assume everyone knows the story of Mike Anderson .  While I accept the concept people can and do change, I am a living example of it, punishment is owed when once is convicted of a crime. So, much like Hercules with his tasks...

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The About Stuff -- The Extended Version
The problem with sites like Blogger and all the others, is the About Me section tends to be rather small and does not provide enough space for everything a person may wish to let his readers know about them.  For this reason, I have chosen to make my first ...

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Come celebrate with us!

Hmmm, does not seem to be all that active over here.

I wonder if people realize how hypocritical they can be?

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+1 and SHARE this mother's touching letter to her son after she learned he came out on Facebook. #NOH8
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