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Brian Smith
Software developer. Radio amateur. Wine lover. Hockey fan.
Software developer. Radio amateur. Wine lover. Hockey fan.

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I'm participating in ‪Extra Life again this year, 24 hours of gaming to help my local Children's Miracle Network hospital. If you're able, please donate! All donations are tax deductible, at least for those in the US, and all proceeds go to help kids in need.

I'll be streaming my participation later this year, starting at 7pm EST October 21st. The stream will be embedded in the donation page during the event, and those who donate will receive a direct link.

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No thanks to YouTube and their war on Flash for breaking at least older versions of Boxee. There are workarounds, at least... until they decide to break them as well.

R.I.P. Ron Glass

I met him years ago at DragonCon, and a fun conversation ensued between the two of us and Mark Sheppard because he didn't believe I was from the southeast US based on my speech. That was a highlight of that weekend.

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Teachers and home schoolers might find this interesting...

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So, it seems I'm paying for DVR guide data again. The previous glitch in Microsoft's free guide data for Windows Media Center (usually happens around the time when DST begins or ends) inspired me to look for alternatives. The latest glitch, which as far as I know hasn't been resolved yet, prompted me to go ahead and make the switch.

With this new guide data being more complete and apparently more reliable than what it's replacing, I'd say $2/month is worth it.

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Here's another thing worth watching. If you're in the US and have Showtime, it's currently making the rounds there.

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So much for the "self-funding" campaign, and any sign that it wasn't going to be a repeat of the businesses that he drove to bankruptcy.

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Right, because Jurassic Park turned out so well in the end!

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My 12-hour "Halfway to #ExtraLife" mini-marathon begins at 7pm EDT tonight. Stop by, hang out, and if you haven't yet please donate!

All proceeds go to kids in need of medical care.

Donation link -
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