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Left adrift in a basket and found by the Pharaoh's daughter. . .
Left adrift in a basket and found by the Pharaoh's daughter. . .

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Regarding extra edge: Does the starting ability give a character an additional point apply to two categories or just one? A player is making a destroyer in GOTF and choose that and wants to know if he now has to edge in might and 1 in speed, or just 1 in speed? Thanks in advance for your comments.

Just picked up the game, not familiar with the system at all since I have never played any of the Star Wars games, but it looks really interesting. Most recently I have played Cypher System Games, Power by the Apocalypse games and Mutant Year Zero.

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Some artwork a player did of her character for Gods of the Fall.

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A plethora of picks for your potential pantheon.
Greetings all, here are some random characters I generated for my players to inspire their own creations. Most foci & descriptors are right out of the Gods of the Fall core book, a few imported in from The Strange or a few supplemental pdfs.

Character Concepts for Gods of the Fall
Rudic-deloth is an angry champion that slays monster, god of battle
Chanera is an appealing savior that blazes with radiance, goddess of the dawn
Furine is a beneficent savior crafts illusions, goddess of celebrations
Brebeth is a brash shaper that awakens dreams, goddess of inspiration
Yarmoor is a calm shaper that crafts unique items, god of artists and craftmen
Sulthia is a chaotic destroyer that defends the weak, goddess of the oppressed
Northian is a charming destroyer that carries a quiver, god of bounty hunters
Baerdek is a clever shaper that builds robots, god of the forge
Corrono is a clumsy savior that controls gravity, god of protection from accidents
Erthiek is a contemplative savior that separates mind from body, god of wisdom
Bellathor is a cooperative champion that leads, god of law and civility
Walfyr is a craven destroyer that commands mental powers, god of fear
Orteus is a creative savior that channels divine blessings, god of revelation
Shalmizzao is a cruel destroyer that bears a halo of fire, goddess of wrath
Vilrix is a dishonorable shaper that consorts with the dead, god of the afterlife
Nocri is a doomed destroyer that cast spells, goddess of fate
Lavalleria is a driven champion that controls beast, goddess of the wilderness
Minarra is an empathic champion that employs magnetism, goddess of green steel
Ran-irasmus is an exiled destroyer that walks with the night, god of shadows
Tempest is a fast destroyer that needs no weapons, god of competition
Ectheos is a fearless shaper that explores dark places, goddess of adventurers
Malleon is a fierce champion that fights dirty, god of cheats
Shakamet – Temakahs is a foolish shaper that exists in two places at once, goddess of confusion
Carshena is a gluttonous shaper that siphons power, goddess of feasting & hunger
Theodraen is a graceful champion that fights with panache, god of swordsmen
Morwyn is a guarded destroyer that finds the flaw in all things, goddess of justice
Huwar is a hardy champion that stands like a bastion, god of guardians
Omenvex is a hideous destroyer that speaks curses, god of the forsaken
Amriel is an honorable savior that focuses mind of matter, goddess of victory
Nomridos is a humble champion that abides in stone, god of masons
Sareash is an impulsive shaper that master the swarm, goddess of plagues
Yvonna is an inquisitive savior that solves mysteries, goddess of truth
Linnet is an intelligent shaper that works miracles, goddess of hope
Zadkiel is a jovial shaper that entertains, god of bards & magicians
Kristannon is a kind champion that grows to towering heights, goddess of freedom
Artotrogas is a lawful destroyer that never says die, god of defiance
Peltrasia is a learned savior that sees beyond, goddess of prophecy
Tancard is a lucky destroyer that revels in trickery, god of mischief
Gideon is a mad destroyer that rages, god of berserkers
Larcher is a mechanical savior that wears a sheen of ice, god of winter
Euphemia is a meticulous champion that looks for trouble, goddess of law
Gwenna is mystical shaper that howls at the moon, goddess of night
Kattos is a mysterious savior rides the lightning, god of storms
Zimera is a naïve destroyer moves like a cat, goddess of thieves
Tes-bat-peru is a noble savior that metes out justice, goddess of vindication
Ganbatar is a perceptive destroyer that throws with deadly accuracy, god of blades
Havrohn is a rebel champion that infiltrates, god of revolt
Rosella is a resilient champion that masters defense, goddess of valor
Green Ivy is a resourceful shaper that speaks for the land, goddess of the seasons
Solveig is a rugged savior that explores deep waters, goddess of the depths
Bakur is a sharp-eyed destroyer that hunts non-humans, god of civilization
Walcot is a skeptical savior that operates undercover, god of doubt
Marx-stiletto is a spiritual destroyer that murders, god of the vengeance
Demonia is a stealthy destroyer that hunts outcasts, goddess of execution
Valoris is a strong champion that performs feats of strength, god of might
Jessimond is a strong-willed shaper that fuses flesh to steel, goddess of knights
Calmos is a sympathetic shaper that shepherds spirits, god of a peaceful repose
Nasur-sin is a tongue-tied champion that lives in the wilderness, god of outcasts
Naramsina is a tough destroyer that wields two weapons at once, goddess of fury
Adudanu is a vengeful savior that travels through time, goddess of memory
Kalika is a virtuous champion that morphs her body, goddess of change
Mercher is a wandering destroyer that work the back alley, god of negotiations
Olwynna is a wary savior that exists partially out of phase, goddess of spirits
Morephorme is wealthy shaper that manipulate probability, god of gambling & luck
Oddphine is a weird shaper that cast spells, goddess of surprises

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Artwork that makes me think of The Strange

I have been playing The Strange on and off for almost a year and I have to say it is the first Sci-fi RPG since Battle Tech to keep drawing me back to want to play more. Many thanks to +Monte Cook and +Bruce R Cordell for their gift to the gaming community. I have been a fan of them since the 2nd Edition days of D & D. 

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Manhattan Projects: More inspiration for the Strange. It was about much more than just making an atomic bomb!    
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Great comic book for inspiration in The Strange. A couple with amazing intelligence and powers mimicking cyphers. They build a team with two atomic twin girls, an undead thief and Jules Verne's brain in a robotic body!  Investigating area 51 and beyond!  You can read it on Scribd or I guess look for it elsewhere.

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Interesting ideas for Recursions in this movie.   Available on Netflix.

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2nd Session of the Strange. It was a fun session!
Ride of the Midnight Angels
Ride of the Midnight Angels
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