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Lawrence Harte
President and CMO of Althos Media, marketing champion specializing in Television, Wireless, & Internet Marketing.
President and CMO of Althos Media, marketing champion specializing in Television, Wireless, & Internet Marketing.

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Started the Video Production and Marketing Meetup group in Raleigh.

We cover new opportunities and technology developments in video including digital video production, video editing tools, online course development, Internet TV, video advertising networks, second screen TV, and how video production and distribution is moving to the cloud.

If you are involved in video production or video marketing, your industry has dramatically changed. There are some new changes coming and you should learn about them here first before other people have to explain it to you.

Please join our group if you are involved in video production and marketing.

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Cloud Based Professional Television Quality Video Editing and Management
Television and professional video editors and producers need
good tools with the latest features to produce better content in less time at
reduced costs. Ron Yekutiel, CEO of Kaltura explained to me at the NAB Show Stoppers event that cloud based video cont...

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Digital Marketing for Business - - Raleigh 2014 Volunteer Meeting is at:

Atlantic Creative Communication
5400 Etta Burke Ct #201
Raleigh, NC 27606
Volunteer meetings are optional.

Key topics for this meeting:
- committee status and tasks
- how committees create web pages for DMFB website
- DMFB volunteer party
They are a great place to get the latest conference information and have good networking.
If you plan to attend but have not registered, please register:
Registration Link:

This is a link to committee overviews:      

Twitter System Problem - Can't include our Company URL in Tweet or Profile - Does Anyone Know How to Communicate with Twitter to Fix?

Twitter says the URL has Malware. We have tested it using Google (as Twitter suggests) and is also clean (no Malware) according to McAfee.

Twitter does not respond to trouble tickets. We have submitted 3 so far. 

Any suggestions?

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Marketing trade show for small business owners, marketing managers, and business consultants. More information at

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The Digital Marketing for Business Conference - www.DMFB.Net
is looking for volunteers to help with the show.

Become a volunteer and learn new marketing skills, network with smart people, and have fun.

Active volunteers get a free pass to the DMFB conference.

The number of volunteers we can accept for the show is limited.

Register to Volunteer now, there are a Limited Number of Volunteer spots.

Our next volunteer meeting will be on Thursday night 7 Nov.

Meeting details and location information on registration page.

Volunteers do not need to attend volunteer meetings (but it does help).

The Digital Marketing for Business show will be at the Raleigh Convention Center from 6-88 May 2014.

Trade Show Information:

Issue with Google Docs Losing Sub-folders when Renaming Parent Folders

After renaming one of our Google Docs folders, some of the sub-sub folders (folders under other folders) were lost.

They were still in our file system but were not associated with other folders. 

We solved the issue by searching for the folder file names and moving them to another folder.

Is this a Google Docs bug?

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Learn how to create, share, and promote photos & images that attract highly qualified sales leads and customers.

You probably already have images and photos that you can share that will get you new customers and sales leads. All you need to learn is how to do it!

Learn what works, what risks to avoid, and how to manage visual ad campaigns from someone who had successfully done it for many companies.

This session is good for business owners and marketing professionals.

Covered in this session:

- What Types of Images Stimulate Engagement
- How to Create Effective Pictures
- Managing a Visual Campaign
- Measuring Image Marketing Success
- Using a Visual Marketing Consultant


+KarenTiede - 

Registration: If you want to attend, please register on our Meetup website:
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