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I got a few of these from a local theater in town at C2E2. Is this anti-feminism, or just skanky? Or do none of you guys care because it says "Boobs?"
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I don't think its either "anti-feminist" or "skanky". Burlesque is a form of dance expression that many people use to poke fun at cultural things. So, these performances are probably being satirical about the portrayal of women in video games. That's pretty feminist to me. As for the skanky part, I don't think the mere presence of boobs makes a woman a skank.
All the burlesque dancers I've met are rabid feminists (I know, right?) insistent that they are reclaiming the power of their femininity or something. /shrug.
Okay, that's a good point. I guess I mean't "anti-feminist" in the sense that what they are doing is certainly something they enjoy doing and is and is an expression of themselves but it comes across in a way that seems somewhat demeaning, especially at a comic convention. I certainly didn't mean to offend.
I'm not offended, merely voicing my opinion that the choices you laid out weren't necessarily how I would classify it. There are bound to be people attending the convention who don't understand the satirical nature of the posters/performances, but for the demeaning part, I feel as long as there is agency on the part of the performer, he or she can do as they please.
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