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it really is that bad. living in a traumatizing world.
With packing, moving, helping the family, working retail during the holidays and planning a long trip, it has been slightly hectic and yet, I have still found time to see Catching Fire twice. I had read the Hunger Games series 2 years ago and have a vivid m...

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Life Happens and messes things up. why?
Whether I like it or not I am a perfectionist. I like things to fit in a box with a little bow. I don't disagree that the world is messy, in fact I have an appreciation for its chaotic beauty, but (to my shock) ideally I wouldn't have to be part of the chao...

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What do I want to be when I grow up
It's starting to be that time of year again, where I start receiving annual letters from amazing projects happening all over the country/globe. A lot of of the letters I get are from people I know and from projects that are deeply profound, and transformati...
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