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Monika Berry
Co-Founder House of Sage Agency. Wedding + Branding Photographer. Coffee + Adventure Seeker.
Co-Founder House of Sage Agency. Wedding + Branding Photographer. Coffee + Adventure Seeker.

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Social Media and Marketing can be overwhelming. Heck, I have been down the overwhelm path a few times!
What picture to post? What words to write? How to design a promo graphic? Suffering comparisonitis? Why aren't I attracting the right clients? Feeling like your visual identity doesn't reflect your values and services.
These feelings are completely normal, running a business is not all laptops and lattes (ok, it is a little bit about lattes, for me). But on a serious note, we can waste large amounts of money investing in courses, events, designers, products and systems and still leave us feeling overwhelmed (after the excitement of the purchase or experience dulls). (keep reading here ->

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I've teamed up with Kate Toholka to bring you a free masterclass! Discover the 5 most expensive branding mistakes and what you should be doing instead. Dates limited, details here

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Fine Art + Photography Prints AVAILABLE NOW // 

The creation of this collection began shortly after the arrival of our second baby. Inspired to redecorate my own home and to create art with some sentimental value. The pieces in this collection include some of my favourite places, colours and images.

Click here:

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I wrote an ebook!


And its here!!

Birthed will take you on a journey of self-discovery, including // pushing through fear – what this really means. | where to start, even if you don’t feel like a creative person | self limiting beliefs and ‘comparisonitis | ’honouring your true desires | creating balance between motherhood, business and everything else | the finances – what it actually takes to make it work.



I am now completely booked up for design and photography projects until November this year. (this doesn't apply to anyone who has recently contacted me or ongoing clients). 

Weddings are filling up fast for 2016, with 8 new bookings taken just in the past month! (it's going to be one fun-filled year!). 

If you are getting the inkling to launch something beautiful this summer, don't be shy to book in now. 

I am planning to launch my eBook, at the end of this month, that is if Baby Berry doesn't make an early appearance! (I am due to have our second baby in September) 

Blogged // Behind the Scenes with Bec from Think Big Live Simply.

What I love about her is her passion, authenticity and ability to keep it real, all while making you feel good about yourself. Plus she loves a good coffee, which makes anyone cool in my books.

Today, I am taking you behind the scenes with this talented lady, the creator of Think Big Live Simply. A woman you need to know about if you are serious about nutritious food and simple living. 

Click here:

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Blogged //
When it comes to the wedding side of my business I think there comes a time when some form of paid advertising should be tested. Up until now, my business has grown organically, through referrals and word of mouth, so I felt to take it to the next level might be to add some paid promotions.
Click the link below for my reflections on my first wedding fair.…/

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It is time to officially announce that our little family is going to welcome a new member this September! We are expecting our second baby and it has come with a whole new pregnancy experience. 

Read about it all here. ( )

Photo courtesy of Mr Berry. :) 

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Blogged // Are you craving some creative projects, courses or workshops?

Lately, I have felt the urge to go and enrol in a HEAP of rad courses and workshops. Really talented and inspiring people are sharing their talents, stories and resources to ignite your creativity and passion.
So here is a round-up of some of my favourites. PLUS there is an exciting announcement at the end!…/
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