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Salar Pourteimoor
Solid state Physics student ."more than machinery we need huminity" by Charlie Chaplin
Solid state Physics student ."more than machinery we need huminity" by Charlie Chaplin


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English language is descended from ancient Turkey, experts claim

New Zealand scientists say Indo-European language family - including English, French, German and Hindi - originated up to 9,500 years ago in western Asia

English is descended from a language that emerged in Turkey 8,000 and 9,500 years ago, new research suggests.
Scientists traced the origin of languages classed as Indo-European to Anatolia, an ancient region of western Asia which covers most of modern Turkey.
English is part of the Indo-European language family, which includes more than 400 languages and dialects such as German, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Persian, Hindi and ancient Greek.

Birthplace of the English language: Anatolia is the historical name for the most western part of Asia - roughly two-thirds of western modern-day Turkey
It is believed that these languages evolved from a common ancestor.
Experts think Indo-European languages spread out from the Middle East along with agriculture.
Scientists led by Remco Bouckaert, from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, traced the origins of Indo-European languages using a method borrowed from evolutionary biologists.
Instead of comparing DNA from different species, the researchers looked at 'cognates' - which are words with a common origin.
Black magic of the Roman era: Ancient lead tablet found in UK contains a curse to bring bad to more than a dozen people
Meet the family: Astronomers find pair of galaxy systems that are 'exact matches' to our own
One example is 'mother', with has the German counterpart 'mutter' and the Spanish equivalent 'madre'.
The words are so similar that there must be a link in the language's history rather than the comparison occurring by chance. 
By modelling how hundreds of words evolved through time, the researchers were able to pinpoint their birthplace in what is now modern Turkey.
The research is published today in the journal Science.

Source: Dailymail
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وطن تورپاغي يندان رنگين آليب دير

آلوولو قلبيمده گزه ن قيزيل قان

گونشي روحوما شووقون ساليب دير

اودلار ديارينا باغلي دير بوجان

آلوولو قلبيم ده گزه ن قيزيل قان

اوجا باش داغلارين ذيروه لرينده

شفق لر، ائليمين شرف هاله سي

ايگيد لر اويلاغي هر بير يئرينده

ساچير بو دونيايا نور شلاله سي

شفق لر ائليمین شرف هاله سي

وطن تورپاغی - حسن ( ایلدیریم)
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If you are afraid in life, you die and back to life several times in a day, so from now on be brave,not enough, be so brave.
after real and barcelona match Guardiula said: reals were brave but we are so brave. with special thanks to M.J.Jafari that remind me this.
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“Anneme ve bütün annelere”

Nasıl hatırlamam anacığım nasıl
Kaç geceler bana ninni söylerdi
Hasta olunca oydu başucumda bekleyen
Biraz yorulmayayım, üzülmeyeyim, hemen
Alır kucağına okşardı, saçlarımı öperdi.

Nasıl hatırlamam anacığım nasıl
Bilirim yine kalbinde yerim anacığım
Selam sana Anneler Günü İstanbul’dan
Yeni dönmüşçesine bir akşam okuldan
Vefalı ellerinden öperim anacığım.
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روز مادر نزدیک است ، این روز رو به همه مادران تبریک میگم

آبی‌ترین، دریایی‌ترین و آسمانی‌ترین تقدسِ زندگی‌مان

دستان‌تان را بوسه می‌زنیم . روزتان مبارک . . .
پیامبر اکرم-ص:

هر کس پیشانی مادر خویش را ببوسد، از آتش جهنم دور می ماند . . .
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* معنی زندگی را در قدرت باید جستجو کرد .هر لحظه از زندگی ما باید هدف عالی تری داشته باشد . ماکسیم گورکی
meaning of life should be searched in power.every time of our life must have a great purpose. Gorky
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* اگر همه مردم می دانستند که هر یک در غیاب هم چه می گویند ؛بطور قطع چهار نفر دوست دردنیا باقی نمی ماند .
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