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mary-anne Smith
My hands never stop working, my ideas never stop coming.
My hands never stop working, my ideas never stop coming.

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Knit City 2016
This was my 4th time as a vendor at Knit City in Vancouver, BC. This event has been getting bigger and better every year. I don't have pictures of other booths because I was too busy to wander around. I do need lessons on taking selfies, but this is me with...

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Knitting with sock blank yarn cakes, and Chilliwack Spin In
I have sock blanks that I hand dye, and once dry I wind them into pull from the centre yarn cakes. People often ask what is it like to knit with that yarn, as sock blanks are a fabric that has been knitted before dyeing, and after it is dry and unravelled, ...

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Speckle dyeing
I have been playing around with creating some speckle dyed yarns. I use a turkey roaster for a lot of my techniques. I found that the insert eventually lost its coating from the many soaks of citric acid, so I now use one of those aluminum turkey sized disp...

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Some of my projects
I knit at night while watching TV, which keeps the hands out of the snacks! So I thought I would show you some of the things I and customers have made with yarn that I have dyed, which also gives you an idea of how the yarn works up.  This is yarn dyed in h...

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It's been a while ........
Yes, I did not meet my goal for 2016, which was to write a blog once a week. So it's time for some catching up. In May, my husband and I cruised to Alaska for the 4th time. The previous cruises were in the summer and we had gorgeous weather. Ketchikan, Alas...

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A new event and our spring retreat
This year, the Barriere spinners hosted their first spin-in on April 10, held at the Blue Jar Bistro in Barriere. There was a great turnout of almost 50 spinners! There were 2 vendors, myself Smith and Ewe and Melanie Stutt of  4 Bar S Ranch Wood products. ...

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Where have I been?
Well, my computer needed fixing, and when it came back with a new hard drive, of course I did not backup everything I needed. So it has been a while trying to get things back to the way they were. But in April, I attended the Desert Sage Spinners and Weaver...

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Fibres West 2016
Back to Cloverdale, BC, for the annual spring Fibres West, held March 18 and 19. This year was bigger and better than any before, and there are no signs of the attraction for fibreholics to slow down.  As usual, the drive through the Coquihalla was stunning...

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4th Annual Thompson Treadlers Bash the Stash Spin-In
I can't believe it is March already, and our informal group of dedicated handspinners once again hosted the first spin-in of the year. Many thanks go to Terry Prehara, who has taken the responsibility of leading our group in organization and hosting. We had...

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Exciting times!
When we moved here, plans were to get the bathroom and kitchen renovated. The bathroom turned out great, installed by Rona. The kitchen took a little longer in planning, etc. and we decided to go with Counters Only, as they had more detail in the proposal, ...
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