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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

I'm interested in someone, so I'm not looking.

My birth certificate states that my name is Lucy Anne Katz, and that I was born on the 21st of January. I'm Russian, Austrian, Polish, German, French, Norse, Swedish, Irish, Italian, Mexican, Korean, and Jewish in race. Quite the mutt. I'm a pescetarian, and I'll soon be studying the Culinary Arts to become a baker.

I love everyone, so if you're nice to me, we can be pals. I'm an independent little lady and I've always got a lot on my mind. A lot of people have screwed me over, so I guess you could say I've got some trust issues. I used to be self-conscious of what others thought of me, but now I've let go of others' opinions and started focusing on my own.

I'm very blunt, which means that I'm not afraid to speak my mind. If you don't get a reply to the first message you send me, I'm probably offline/busy, or you might have said something that made me feel uncomfortable. I'm a sweet person if you treat me well. I love giving advice, as long as you'll be there for me when I need it as well. I'm not the type to get freaked out very easily, so if you were to spill your guts to me, I'd most likely understand your struggles. I'm here for anyone that needs me.

I'm not religious, but I believe in evolution. Evolution is a gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex and/or better form.

I have too many favorites of certain things, but here's a cluster. My favorite food is sushi. Favorite seasons are Autumn and Winter because I love how perfect the weather is. Favorite television series would have to be Dexter. Favorite video games are anything N64/Xbox. Favorite colors would have to be green, blue, and purple.

I'm attracted to both genders equally, but I'm not bisexual. I just look for the good in people, not what sexual organ they were born with.


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