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+Streamified so we don't hijack +Mariel Mohns post I will answer your questions here. You said: "We're talking about the browser extension, right? What kind of trouble are you seeing -- clicking on "Facebook" to add it as a stream doesn't open up a pop up window? Please let us know more. Thanks in advance!" Here is the best way I can answer the question, (I am using Google Chrome) when I click the + sign to "add new stream" a menu appears to the left with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, et al in the menu. I click on Facebook and a pop up window appears, with the green bar that says "Log in to Facebook" I click the green bar and something appears at the bottom (I think it is the redirect http) but no other window opens. For example when I click the LinedIn green bar, another window opens up with "Grant Streamified access to your LinkedIn Account "Lillian Davis"
Only allow access if you trust this application with your LinkedIn network information . . ." I received a similar redirect sign in box with Twitter. I do not receive this box when I click on the Facebook green box.

Does that help you?
+Lillian Davis that helps, yes... can you perhaps check that you have no popup blockers or other extensions that might interfere installed? The Facebook prompt opens differently than the other networks, so these might interfere...
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