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Sneak peek at the Streamified browser extension running in Google Chrome!
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I was expecting an upgrade for the SGPlus but this looks better!!
:D Wonderful !! Thanks a lot.
We even have support for Google Reader, Tumblr, etc. in this new version :)
That is very nice Zane. Is the extension available for usage now? Thanks.
+Jeremy Monroe We'll keep you updated on our brand page about the extension's upcoming release but we're hoping to have it be ready very soon!
If we're subscription users, will there be any additional features available to us beyond what was available in SGPlus?
+Craig Hibbeler at the outset, the features for paying customers will be the same as in SGPlus, but we will be adding new features, as well, over the next few weeks that will have additional cool features for paying customers ;) much is the subscription? I didn't know anything about becoming a paying customer. Details please. :-)
+Jeremy Monroe The original SGPlus had an optional $3 or $8 / month upgrade to speed up the update speeds, add more social networks, etc. So far, we have not re-implemented this in Streamified just yet because we've wanted to focus on quality first, and then re-add these features later. Paying subscribers still get the benefits, but we haven't activated the page for new subscribers yet.
Oh...I never knew that. I am downloading the extension into my desktop at the office. I have it at home already. I really need to keep up with all of this. :-)
+Jeremy Monroe hehe, well, the current extension is quite broken... which is why we're remaking it.
Understood. I await the notification that all is well. Thanks.
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