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James Dazouloute
A Leader, Protector And Helper In The 12 Main Areas Of LIfe:
A Leader, Protector And Helper In The 12 Main Areas Of LIfe:

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Is There Any Other Earth Like Mother Earth?
By James Dazouloute --- The Earth... Is There Any Other Like Her? Since when we take a look at Mother Earth from space, she is the most beautiful blue planet ever seen.   And the more we as Humans live on this beautiful Planet, the more we have to take the ...

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SO. SO funny and true!

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8 Reasons To Stop Talking Bad About People
By James Dazouloute ---  Best Advice: Mind Your Business! Take Care Of You! Stay In Your Lane! Do You! Sweep Up Your Own House!...   And the list goes on and on reminding you to stop gossiping about others, to stop worrying about what others are doing, to s...

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How I Miss You My Love. A Poem
By James Dazouloute --- How I Miss You My Love, for no matter how many minutes have gone by, or days or months, they all feel like an eternity without you my sweetheart.   And worst than that, there has been a rip within the universe, there has been a super...

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What Americans have been reduced to, and yet we say things have never been better

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How To Be Victorious Today
By James Dazouloute --- VICTORY TODAY! It is yours, no matter what Disaster you are facing, and no matter the unexpected setback that you are forced to deal with.   Yes Victory is yours to make the best of things, to turn things around and start attacking l...

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Quick Way To Live The Easy Life
By James Dazouloute --- THE EASY LIFE...After all, this is why you got into business for yourself, and since you are not a Hypocrite who claims they don't like money,   but every day they are praying to God to get some money (P.S. Because the entire system ...

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How To Enjoy Nascar Racing Today
Nascar Racing... Here Is What You Need To Know. Because you have seen and heard all about the great excitement when it comes to racing cars, especially at very fast speeds up to 250 MPH.   As well you see these drivers strapped in those race cars, and at ti...
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