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Coyote Moon Review
This is, without a doubt, the worst Buffy novel I’ve ever
read. That’s right, I’m skipping my usual alliterative
introduction to get straight to the point on this one: “Coyote Moon” is a bewildering,
uninspired, incoherent mess— and I absolutely loved it. R...

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Never Been Kissed Review
More like "Never Should Be Watched"- in my first non-Buffy review, I took a look at the worst romantic comedy of all time!  

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"Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus, Vol. 2" Review
Howdy Hellmouth hounds! 
Get ready for another heartfelt analysis of Buffyverse material! Based on the rousing response I received on my last comic book review , I’ve decided to put the Buffy novels on the back burner for
the time being and continue critiqu...

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Whedonites are renowned throughout pop culture circles for
their diehard dedication. From mounting one of the most impressive TV campaigns  of all time, to helping “The Avengers” set box office records , not
to mention the countless original works and acade...

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Angel/Prophecy Girl Video Review
The Whedon Fan returns, and for his first video of the new year he finishes out Buffy Season One with a review of the two most important episodes, "Angel" and "Prophecy Girl!"

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"Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus, Vol. 1" Review
Greetings Buffy buffs, and welcome to another clever critique
of written works in the Whedonverse! Having reviewed several of the Buffy novels, I’ve decided to
shift my focus and examine another merry medium— the Dark Horse  Buffy
comic books! *sings "Dark ...

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"Prime Evil" Review
Salutations, Scooby supporters and strap yourselves in for
another sensational synopsis of the Buffyverse books! Having already covered two of their novels, I thought I’d
take a break from the titanic team of Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder  and focus o...

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"Blooded" Review
Whedon worshippers, to another installment in my riveting reviews of the Buffyverse
books!  Rather
than continuing chronologically , from here on out I’m going to be working
through my personal library, as well as focusing on my favorite authors. A...
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