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Comparison of tracking data on FW 1.5.0 vs. Garmin Fenix 3 + Chest strap HR monitor. The accuracy for the distance is surpassingly good. The HR during the runs still leaves low confidence. Hearing my heart rate is at 230+ is troubling at my age. Sometimes it's within the Garmin measurement but will be nice if we can everyday see the HR over time.
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Comparing the Bragi HR values with Garmin, the values seem pretty close when on a fairly level run. However, when doing a trail run where there is a lot of turns and steps up/down, it seems to give fairly random values.
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Victor Chen (grooVC)

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Here's another quick test I did:

On my cross-training day, I ran to the gym 2.4km (1.5 miles), worked out and then ran the same distance home.

To Gym:
Bragi: 15:38, 2259 Steps, 167 HR
Garmin: 15:27, 2422 Steps, 146 HR

From Gym:
Bragi: 15:22, 2221 Steps, 157 HR
Garmin: 15:19, 2355 Steps, 157 HR

The timings were relatively close with roundtrip being surprisingly close. I've also attached a link with further observations during my first week of Dash usage...

The joy and pain of early adoption.
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What app are you using? I'm using irunsmooth. It uses both the accelerometer and HR. The nice thing is that I can export the GPX file to both Garmin Connect and TrainingPeaks. All three are using the same file but the results are different. lol. iPhone 4s with the most current iOS. Will have to experiment with the cadence though. It might be using the phone's accelerometer.
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I loaded up the internal storage with 3 playlists and went for a 21KM run the other day. Basically, it worked flawlessly the entire time of 2.5 hours which included warm up, the run, and stretching afterwards.

Some initial thoughts:
- No microphonic noise. Wonderful.
- They didn't move during the entire run.
- The controls work well when your standing still but are less consistent when you're moving (although I'm getting better with practice)
- Audio transparency works great when you want to know what's around you.
- The audio quality is pretty good and gets plenty loud.
- The audio was consistent the entire time.
- I was never uncomfortable with them in my ears.
- My perspiration wasn't an issue.

This is great because sometimes when I go on a run I don't want to bring my phone and want to zone out. With these, I can just grab my garmin watch and pop these in my ears and then I'm out the door.
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+Victor Chen​ I just got mine yesterday and they're amazing for a first product. It still needs a lot of work on HR, transparency, etc... But for basic listening, they're perfect for me. I'm using the small sleeves and I'm able to get a really good seal. I'm at Starbucks right now and I'm using the transparency to listen for my order. It's totally working out. I'll try the HR tomorrow. The new version is supposed to be better. Last night, my HR was way too high. Let's compare notes on our runs tomorrow. 
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Victor Chen (grooVC)

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Hi friends and family! I'm participating in a team triathlon as the run leg with my colleagues Dushyant (bike) and Evan (swim) representing our company Fandango/NBCUniversal. As part of this, we're raising money for Children's Hospital Los Angeles and would appreciate any support we can get. So, if you can spare one latte...err...flat white! No donation is too small! Thanks!
Join me in my efforts to support Nautica Malibu Triathlon! Thank you for supporting Nautica Malibu Triathlon. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Help Files · Email This Site to A Friend · About Friends Asking Friends™ · Blackbaud, Kintera division - Donate With Confidence ...
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Victor Chen (grooVC)

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I thought I'd share a review of the Bragi Dash my new running accessory "companion". For me, it doesn't replace my trusty Garmin for tracking but it's been my favorite device for listening to music on runs. Enjoy!
A runner's perspective on an ambitious hearable
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While I typically like to run with the Dash playing music from the internal memory, I decided to test out the Bluetooth streaming from my phone (Xperia Z5 Premium).

I went for an easy 8 mile recovery run for about 1 hr. 20 min streaming from Google Play Music.

I used a FlipBelt running pouch to carry my phone. They beauty of this pouch is that one can position their phone virtually anywhere around your waist.

I kept the phone in the front part of my body and it was basically 99% flawless during the entire run except for extreme cases when I turned my head to the right to look for traffic before crossing a road. When that happened, music could cut-out for a split second...not unlike when it happens with Bluetooth audio skips when connected to car audio.

It would only skip for a 1/2 second and then carry on without issue. Overall to me this is very acceptable performance.

Now, when I turned the belt to where my phone is on my back (even offset to left or right) then the audio would cutout for sure. So, perhaps the signal trailing your movement isn't good enough for a connection. 
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My skipping occurs as I am walking up 3rd Avenue in New York City. I literally have to carry my phone in my hand. On the morning miraculously on the subway, riding the 6 play nice through Bluetooth. Walking down Lexington Avenue from 68th Street. Music is exceptional but i have to carry my phone in my hand. I tried to brace the phone in my bag which helps a little.

I'm hoping somehow Bragi can deal with motion.
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Hey running community! Has anyone out there tried the 180 Formula method for training ( If so, how long did it take you to adjust?

I tried my first run today (5 miles) @ basically low Zone 2 where I'm supposed to be (133-143) and it was like 11:45-12/mile which was so painfully slow (mentally). I typically run that distance "easy" at 8-8:30/mile pace and can race it at around 7:05/mile pace.

I've suspected that I've been training "too fast" but this is somewhat shocking to me. I'm going to try it for a few weeks to see if things change but it's definitely a learning experience.

Anyone have similar anecdotes?

A heart-rate monitor is the most important tool for developing optimal endurance and better fat-burning. This simple device is a valuable tool that not only guides your training but is...
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I attempted to test my Dash on my run today while also wearing my Garmin HRM chest strap to compare the performance of the two on a quick 8K run today.

The test failed.

I had put on the S-size fitsleeve to see if I could get a better seal and was great on the right side but seemed to be worse on the left side letting a decent amount of ambient sound in. As a result, the Dash couldn't get a decent HR reading. I stopped and readjusted the left Dash and finally got it reading.

However, near the end of my run I double tapped to get stats and realized the left Dash wasn't responding to any touches at all. The audio was working fine and taking the left Dash out of my ear and reinserting it did not solve the problem. As a result, I was unable to toggle audio transparency or receive any stats of my run. That was super frustrating.

The left Dash functionality returned only after placing it back in the charging cradle.

I shall try again tomorrow but with the XS-size fitsleeve since it seems to give a better heart rate reading.
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I have bought these which were recommended by other users as fitting well on the Dash, both in the ear and in the case.  I get mine next week, hope they work because the tips supplied with the Dash do not provide a seal for me.

I also get a lot of problems with the right Dash freezing up once I'm a few minutes into my run.  Music keeps playing, but no controls available.  It has happened every time I've used them.
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Crosstraining...although not sure if I can run the day after this...
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Victor Chen (grooVC)

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Love this.
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