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Andrew Blanda
Living the Proactive life ♥☺♥
Living the Proactive life ♥☺♥

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At the Real Food Forum at Sydney's Town Hall. Michael Croft is a successful field to fork/paddock to plate farmer, following in Joel Salatin's footsteps. By going directly to consumers, he's able to ensure a good pipeline for his produce!

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This is for the foodies! DId you know forks gave us overbites?

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Interesting...I wonder if this could be extrapolated to high school as well?

Ultimately the best determinant of a child's success in anything is their guidance from their parents/guardians/mentors/teachers...

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This one deserves the "No Shit, Sherlock - I left my brain at home" award!

"I was distracted, so I kept going,"


Such a powerful comment, you can't but help to think how simple and powerful this is.

"People are judged by the company they keep. Companies are judged by the people they keep." - Harvey Mackay

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I like this line: "Our brains were shaped and sharpened by movement, the idea goes, and we continue to require regular physical activity in order for our brains to function optimally" #brain #learning

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Reading this article reminds me of the book "Tuesday's with Morrie". Powerful article, powerful book. I suggest you take a few mins to read this article. I particularly like this section: 

"It's okay. There's often this . . . gray area, I guess you'd call it, in human relationships, isn't there? We meet people, we see them every day, we say hello, but we don't really know them. We say they're our friends, but really, you can't be friends with the hundreds of people you meet, can you? It's enough that we had a shared history together. We were in the same places for a time. We were part of each other's fabric." He made a rubbing gesture with his fingers and thumb."

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Wanting to write apps to derive an income? From this article (and its links), it'll take a lot! Cheers +Paul Wallbank 
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