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I would easily call this part of the future for datacenters and storage. We need the devices to get smarter and decouple.


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I won't be piping any of my email through LinkedIn 'Intro' any time soon. #privacy #infosec #ECPA

It's stunning to me to think we can no so easily cure (in a trial at least) a disease that killed my grandfather.

Here's hoping...

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Here's a good story about why medical innovation cascades throughout our society.

But I would like to note, it takes both the good and the bad to make the great:

Sick from a very young age, Facusse was eventually diagnosed with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), a condition in which antibodies attack blood platelets. As a result, he spent the bulk of his childhood in hospital beds, while his friends played outside. Little did he know that this would help him discover one of his greatest strengths.
“Through it all, my biggest regret was that I wanted to see Xyber get off the ground,” Facusse says. “I felt like we had moved too slow because of my health, and now I wasn’t going to make it.”

As a last ditch effort, he tried an experimental procedure in Germany to correct the flaw in his DNA that had caused the condition. And, almost miraculously, it worked. He suddenly started to get better and better, as if nothing had happened.

“It was shocking and weird at the same time,” he says. “I had been so sure I was going to die young that all my decisions throughout my life were simpler. I wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences — but suddenly I did.

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Last Friday, we launched an early version of, a site that will become a central resource for developers, journalists, researchers, and citizens who are looking for energy data and resources, as well as examples of companies and organizations who are using energy data every day. Are you wondering what "open data" is? Would you like to learn more about why it matters for the energy industry? Then join us for our second Google+ hangout, where we'll discuss these questions and more.

Join us on Thursday, February 21, at 3:00 pm ET for a live discussion -- which will be streamed on Google+, YouTube and -- on the impact of open data. 

Experts from the Energy Department, Google, and Honest Buildings will talk about how the Energy Department can encourage developers, businesses, journalists, and others to engage with government data on appliance efficiency, home energy use, energy production and consumption, and more. 

We will be taking your questions about open data in advance and during the Hangout. Submit your questions by emailing, posting in the comments on the Energy Department's Facebook page or below in the comments, or tweeting @ENERGY using #askEnergy. Be sure to tune in to talk data with us.

Correction: This event was mistakenly listed as occurring at 1 pm ET. 3 pm ET is the correct time.

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Ok, seriously. I just +1 something from GReader and came here to comment on some nuance to my endorsement and can't find my share from the app... le sigh

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Uh oh, hope noone I know was affected!

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A good example of using enhanced metrics for a social enterprise:
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