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Deadly Street Drug Carfentanil Causing Mass Overdoses in New Hampshire
New Carfentanil Drug Use in New Hampshire The deadly drug Carfentanil finally found its way into the streets of New Hampshire. Three deaths were reported in Manchester New Hampshire in March 2017, and there were also many other incidences of drug overdoses ...

Bob Bartis - SuperBowl of NASCAR Daytona 500 Sunday Morning Show Listen in Here #nascar #daytona500

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Senate Bill 12 Moves Forward – New Gun Laws in NH
Currently in the state of New Hampshire, state law allows any citizen to legally own and possess a firearm. Individuals of the state can legally carry the firearm openly, be it loaded or unloaded. However, if an individual has a firearm that is concealed, s...

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Is My Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Safe? Need a Lawsuit Attorney in NH?
Samsung Phone Recall Update New Hampshire
Galaxy Note 7 owners may have heard about the recall involving the
mobile device created by Samsung, but do you know what issues to expect?
When consumers hear of recalls involving items today, many individuals

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Taxes - Claiming Dependents - Prenuptial Agreements - Injury Preventions - Bartis News NH
Claiming Dependent Tax Exemptions   • The impact of dependent exemptions on tax returns and the resulting refunds is significant. When parents separate, exemptions are allocated between them. However, when there are child support payments, the paying parent...

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"The Bob Bartis Show: from the courtroom to the community" today's podcast is the first of several in a future series on family law. this weeks topic: Prenup's, Counseling, Filing Petition and Service...

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Using Drones for Criminal Law Enforcement according to the New Hampshire Bill
Benefits and Pitfalls of Drones They used to be objects used only in sci-fi and spy thriller movies.  But now drones are so common and ubiquitous, and they have dozens of uses from delivery to photography, and even spying.  The results of information obtain...

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George Russell of Rock Talk Broadcasting Live with Attorney Bob Bartis #WeirsBeach.#LaconiaFest

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Avoid a DUI This St. Paddy's Day - DUI Attorney in NH
Know Your Limits: Avoid St. Patrick’s Day Drinking Mistakes With St. Patrick’s Day taking place this week, many New Hampshire residents will be taking part in celebrations. From parades to special events, residents will find much to see and do on the holida...

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Child Support Modification Laws in New Hampshire
The statute indicates that child support can be modified either every
three years or if there has been a substantial change in circumstances
that warrants such an adjustment.  However, the court does not want, or
have the resources to handle, a flurry of...
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