iPhone and Apple hate. Human race is still primitive.

We are just like 1.000 years ago when we killed each other for land and god. Made human sacrifices, enslaved black people and what not. We always want to beat the other guy. Humans are full of hate for what they don't agree with. For one reason or another. So, one group loves Apple product, the other says it's crap. Ok, who cares.

But all this #iPhone5 hate just made me wonder how stupid humans can be. Can you haters just enjoy your phone, what ever it is. And stop being little #boycottapple sissies. It's just a phone. Apple make products, wants to sell it. People buy it. End of story. Every brand says their product is the best thing since Jesus Christ. But your hate for a product is because millions are happy with it. Then you call them Sheep. Because they don't get it. It's like saying i don't get it when i want to buy Toyota instead of Ford.. Toyota being Apple and Ford being Android.

So much pointless hate. But i guess it's something we humans need to do.
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