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Ben Silverman
I am a fancy dancer.
I am a fancy dancer.

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Dead Google +: Sorry I don't call, sorry I don't write. I guess I'm not through with my old relationship. What can I say, she gives good update. Can we still casually date, like, when I get around to clicking on you in my toolbar? XOXO Ben

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Yep, this is rad.
Another Chrome Extension: Turn the +1 button into a mushroom that makes the appropriate dinging sound

So are all you folks still using Facebook? I'm having a hard time using both. It's like moving out of your old house and into a new one but leaving all your shit at the old house...and unfortunately I like my old shit so much that I keep using FB. What's the consensus here?

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But what if he just happens to have an unusually large anus?

Seriously I keep forgetting to come here. Are we having fun yet?

Still totally not sure what I'm supposed to do here instead of FB, but how about this: I'm drunk on beer and rum. Discuss.

I feel like I'm cheating on Facebook. DON'T TELL HER.
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