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Writer and Photojournalist. The world through Art, Beauty, Bliss, Humanities, Liberty, Love, Nature, Peace and Travel.
Writer and Photojournalist. The world through Art, Beauty, Bliss, Humanities, Liberty, Love, Nature, Peace and Travel.


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“Where to next?” was frequently on my mind during my travels in Peru. Contrary to many travelers I met along the way, who had it all figured out (itineraries, locations, sights, schedule, etc… and, probably, life also ))), I was pretty much winging the whole trip… for better or even better… Besides knowing for sure that I was there to explore Cusco, the It capital of Sun civilization, celebrate Inti Raimi, the biggest and the most elaborate Sun festival in the world and, obviously, experience blissful, gorgeous and majestic dreams-come true Machu Picchu. And I wouldn’t want it any other way anyway…
Pomac Sanctuary is located in Lambayeque region, near the city of Chiclayo, and interestingly enough, it is right by the site of Tucume archaeological site. I would assume Pantheon of Gods required its own sanctuary… People protectors, Amaru and all..
I traveled to both places independently, and I am really glad I did so. Regular tours visit these locations in a day, with only brief stops in each, which gives you hardly any time to experience anything at all. So what’s the point? Especially if traveling this far into the country, and the solely purpose of the whole trip is to experience and enjoy culture and nature at their finest. Plus, I was there at the beginning of the week, meaning no tours whatsoever on this particular day, and I almost had the whole place to myself, with the exception of a few independent and courageous travelers I met along the way.
What was it about this place? And why was I there?
Pomac sanctuary happens to have it all, in a way. After all, this is the site of pre-inca Sican culture/civilization with various pyramids, called huacas, especially known for lavish treasures, beautiful artifacts of gold and other luxury items of Lord of Sican. Nowadays, located in a museum in a different location, and since I am so indifferent to such things, unless they are my own or, may be, I am just trying to figure out how to make it all honestly happen with travel blogging )) , I kind of figured that I would enjoy nature and listen to the wisdom of Millennium Tree and birds singing instead. This fact, however, points out how wealthy, prominent and luxurious this civilization was at the peak of its existence, or may be, its rulers… Does it remind you anything?! ))
Nowadays, while the pyramids seem to be the thing of the past, mostly serving as the birds resting places between all the sky soaring and sky walking and occasional travelers, just like me, who would like to experience it all (surprisingly, it is allowed), Pomac sanctuary contains the most dense formation of carob trees on the planet, various bird species, mainly particular for its restoration of forest ecosystems, protection and preservation efforts of flora and fauna biodiversity, which is crucial to the survival and livelihood of many species.
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Making the world go round 😄 by attending VeloFestival 🌍🚲, biking around the city and singing my favorite tunes 🌺🎶 Love make the world go round 🎶 Symphony of the Universe... 🌍🌺
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Questions, answers and musings about authenticity, travel and travel blogging at
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What does it mean to be a travel blogger today? Am I a travel blogger, anti-travel blogger or someone whose travel experiences align with personal values, talents and life purpose?
Is there even one definition of it all?
Is travel about me, my outfits and looks? Is it about the place itself and its sights? Or is it a little bit of both, and most importantly, our common interactions, experiences and connection?
Equally and mutually exchanging energies and thoughts… Isn’t it when it actually becomes meaningful and important?! The most essential ingredient of a true relationship?
And why do I even think of it?
Recently I read an article “The Rise of the Anti-Travel Blogger and What to Expect” by Nikki Vargas, which resonated with me on so many levels, and it did make me question so many things.
What is success? Can it even be defined by the number of followers, supporters, fame and fortune? Or is it more about what kind of impact it has on others?
Especially nowadays, when it is common to receive emails, offers and messages about “how to buy your way to stardom”. Do I really want to be that travel blogger whose introduction starts with “she has … million followers/supporters” or the One who actually inspires change… whose blogging, writing, photography and articles, just like this one, make people think and wonder, and, may be, even question their own beliefs? The blogger who shakes to the core the idea, notion and concept of authenticity and equality? Who brings to light the most important and meaningful global and social issues that actually deserve our attention? And who can inspire the change so big that it can even build a bridge across the oceans?
Can I do all of this and still stay true to myself? Can I redefine it in my own way?

Read article "What Does It Mean To Be a Travel Blogger Today?" at:…/

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A couple of months ago, a record number of countries have come together to sign a ground-breaking UN climate accord, in hopes of quick action on combating global warming and presenting a new global vision for our planet and our natural world.
And nothing reminds of the importance of preservation, prevention and protection of nature than amazing and gorgeous places like these. It is in places like these One fully understands the importance of preservation efforts of various ecosystems, biodiversity conservation of different species and significance of nature in our daily lives. Even breathing. Life. The most essential right of any being.
Considering troubling European turmoil past (Read: Nazis, French with Napoleon syndrome, hunting-loving Royals and Lego-loving Soviets), this national park has been a part of it for no fault of its own. Most of the forest was naturally restored though, and now it happens to have some of the oldest and tallest trees and peaks (ancient oaks, pine and fir trees among others) in Belarus and, probably, Europe, including one of the world’s largest population of rare European bisons and a few other rare species. And nowadays, a part of this national park is a private reserve-only in order to protect complex ecosystems and different remarkable rare species. For us, for future generations and for future of Humanity.
The best way to explore this national park is by biking its various routes, exploring hiking trails and marveling at interesting biodiversity and serene beauty of Belarusian nature.

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Of all places in the world there are those that become the most important and meaningful to me. Did I just experience one of them? This is what I was thinking while traveling from Brest to Minsk after visiting Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park. This was an express train Paris-Moscow, and there it was, Belarusian countryside passing by me swiftly.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park is the largest remaining primeval, or original, European forest located on the border of Belarus and Poland, with majority of it in Belarus. With first mentioning of Pushcha dating back as far as 10th century, it was a part of the primeval forest that stretched all the way from Baltic Sea to the Buh River, and from Odder to the Dnieper River, so no wonder why this is UNESCO World Heritage site, one of the most important places in Belarus and the It symbol of the country.

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What?! Farrot fanatics club?! Move along, lady )) We are all about love and cuddles here 🌺😄 #travelnotes #vegetarianzone #funny #toloveis
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Just as the Mediterranean Sea is considered the cradle of Europe, North Africa and Middle East, so is Lake Titicaca in Peru is considered by the Incas, The Origin of Mankind and the origin of a new Sun Civilization. Located between Bolivia and Peru, this is one of the most important, meaningful and sacred places for Sun civilization. After all, this is where the world was created by the God Viracocha. And then the Sun, and people, and a whole new Universe.

According to the legend, Cusco was founded by the Inca Imperator Marco Capac, and it was capital of the new Sun Civilization ever since. Its importance is also reflected in the name of the city, Qosqo meaning center or bellybutton in Quechua. And this is where Qorikancha, Intiwasa or Temple of the Sun is, the most important and prominent Temple dedicated to the Sun God and the holiest place in the whole Inca Civilization. It is also the site of Saint Dominic church, and the place where both belief systems unite and complement one another.

No wonder why Inti Raymi festival and Life Celebrations begin in the most sacred place for the whole Sun civilization, Temple of the Sun.

New Article "Life Celebrations in Cusco" at

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For centuries, and, probably, ever since the beginning of the Mankind, Sun has been worshipped and celebrated as the symbol of Abundance, Generosity, Prosperity, Spirituality and Life itself. Across different continents, civilizations and cultures. 
And this is what I was kind of doing during my world travels. Celebrating Sun, Diamond of the Universe, and everything it means to me: Abundance, Generosity, Prosperity, Renaissance, Spirituality, Truth, Bliss, Love and Life. And all those important and meaningful places where I celebrated the Sun during my travel blogging and writing journey. From the most gorgeous days to the most blissful evenings, from the grand and remarkable Sun Temples to the importance and significance of the Sun and Balance in Teotihuacan, the City of Gods… and discovering and exploring a whole new Sun civilization. 
New Article "Life Celebrations in Cusco" at:
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I was in Mexico City, the place which completely surprised me with its historic and cultural center and so much affection and romance )), deciding where to travel to next. With many interesting, historic and cultural places in the area, Teotihuacan, one of the most important sites in the world, seemed like a great place to be.
And there I was, discovering and exploring its magnificence and beauty.
Teotihuacan, known as the City of Gods, or the place where men became Gods, is considered to be one of the most advanced, mysterious and influential civilizations of all times. Which completely surprises and overwhelms at the same time for many reasons: mystery of its legendary civilization, grandness of its structures and, most importantly, being so much advanced and ahead of its time.
Besides the belief that this is where the Sun, the Moon and the whole Universe were created, it was one of the most important and remarkable cities in the world at the peak of its existence. It is considered to be the first Mesoamerican city as the result of urban layout and planning usually associated with a city (order, architecture, streets, courtyards, complex underground systems, harmony, etc.), which greatly distinguishes it from the settlements of its time.
Being one of the most ancient, mysterious and influential civilizations, which predated the Maya and the Aztec by centuries, was highly respected by them and one of the reasons it is greatly preserved through the centuries, it is not a surprise that the grand buildings of Teotihuacán are in accordance with celestial movements and significance. Temple of the Sun in is one of the largest ancient structures built in Americas. Although not much is known about its primary purpose, this is a remarkable structure of a great importance.
Unlike Pyramids around the world, these ones seem to be constructed for other reasons, which definitely puzzles many historians even Today. Being the most advanced civilization of its time…may be, after all it was for astronomic and spiritual reasons… and energy…
…The Divine connection with the Universe… Sun, Moon, Balance and all…
New Article "Teotihuacan and The City of Gods" at
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