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Austin Andre
Writer. Motivator. Visionary.
Writer. Motivator. Visionary.

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Mentoring and Reaching Out to Younger Aspergians
Having experienced firsthand the difficult and tumultuous years of high school and even middle school as an Aspergian, I believe in the importance of an older generation of Aspergians developing an empathetic side for young adults who are experiencing the d...

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The Tough Balance of Social Expectations and Personal Needs
A recent discovery in navigating relationships is the rawness and hurt feelings of other's who have social expectations of you, which may not be adequately met, despite our best efforts. An example of this could be a several hour dancing session, which ofte...

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Reframing Expectations, and Being Sensitive to Routine
I believe those of us with Aspergers approach life with an individualized, unique system to navigate it, compared to your average neurotypical. We are often creatures of routine, habit, and structure, and when someone interrupts these, throwing in elements ...

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Navigating Dating with Aspergers
I'd like to talk about a more personal area today, sharing with you some insight into my successes and failures in the dating world, as a current 24 year old with Aspergers. To begin, let me start with some encouragement. It goes without saying that the mor...

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I hope my blog brings some personal insight to you, a friend, or a family member that is living with Aspergers.
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