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Finding the Gems
I get stuck in ruts. All the time. Sometimes several times a day. I can be up one moment and back down the next hour. I'm trying to accomplish something great, to inspire and be recognized. But then I try to find happiness in other things. Fake things. Fict...

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I think it's very important to take days to explore new or old places. To find new wonders, new trials. To think differently. It's important to go alone.  When you travel alone, you have the opportunity to depend on yourself that you don't have when you're ...

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A Tea Time Snack
Having tea in the afternoon is the closest I can possibly get to living overseas right now. It's something that gives me hope. It keeps me wondering, thinking. Other than the fact that it tastes amazing, afternoon tea is my time to unwind and find my center...

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Spring Wishlist 2014
Jacket // Socks // Shoes // Lipstick // Swimsuit // Bike Basket // Coat // Vest I feel like I'm a little bit simple this season. I just need to add to my basics, you know? One of those seasons. Also as a sidenote, I just realized the doc martens were mens.....

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I was thinking a lot today about how I spend my time, and why. Why do I let myself think that it's ok to waste time if I deserve it? What does it mean to deserve time? No one deserves a single thing. I don't deserve time. Time is a gift, and I must spend it...

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Saying Goodbye
You know, to my hair that is. It's been a long journey with my long hair. It was short, it was long, it was dip-dyed, it was chopped it was red, it had bangs, no bangs, you get the picture. I change my hair a lot. Well anyways, It's all getting chopped off ...

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I live for eggs
I'd like to say that I make time to cook fancy meals all the time, but I'm coming clean. This is my confession: all I really eat is eggs and avocados. Is that so bad? I mean at least it's not chips and spagetti..... It could be worse Eating these things mak...

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On Travelling
I think I'm finally realizing why it's so important for me to travel. I'm starting to grasp it softly. It's like a wind that blows sparingly. Not seeing it, hardly feeling it, but knowing it's there, somehow. It came to me suddenly. As someone was trying to...

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Best Albums of 2013
Ok... so it's late. Whatever! Better than never, right? Ok let's dive in! 1) The National - Trouble Will Find Me 2) Local Natives - Hummingbird 3) The Band Perry - Pioneer 4) She + Him - Volume 3 5) Minus the Bear - Infinity Overhead 6) Said the Whale - haw...

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A little bit of late fall/winter decor
This one was a fun one, because it involves pinecone hunting. While I was planning it out, I was thinking where on earth are all the pine trees in my town? Well after careful deliberation, I thought Ponderosa street was the best place to start. (get it?) An...
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