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John Anthony Reyna
Single, Air Force Veteran, Retired
Single, Air Force Veteran, Retired

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San Antonio, Texas... for San Antonio being the home of Church's Fried Chicken they have let this franchise go to the worst ever franchise around not as bad as Whataburger but still bad! In the south side of town my chicken is perfect if I go to the north side of town it is like eating a salt lick piece of fried chicken that's all you could taste as the salt even my girlfriend had the chicken tenders and after $13 we had to give it to my dogs because I 57 years old I cannot eat that much salt... I'm not a teenager or in my twenties or even in my thirties, I have a heart condition and cannot eat like there's no tomorrow eating salt brine chicken with salt added to their flower!
I called the manager to complain and he said that he's never had a dissatisfied customer and he looked at my order and he said he was going to try a chicken finger and tell me how it tastes! After a minute he told me "Yes Sir You are Right" it is very salty but there's nothing I could do about it because that's the way it comes pre-packaged that's the way it comes from headquarters they control the recipe we don't do anything to it but fry it, this was on the Vance Jackson on Loop 410 location. I get my fried chicken from the Southside off South Flores and Division!
My girlfriend hasn't had churches for a couple of years but she ate some the day I bought some for her because she is a nurse and gets off late most churches are closed and the order I bought for her was delicious and she told me she wants to have a fried chicken mashed potatoes and corn dinner, she is against sodium over enriched Salty Crust chicken... but she liked the chicken from the south side and she was very dissatisfied with the chicken from the Northside.
It's sad that y'all are charging a whole dollar per chicken when people are on fixed incomes like I am... I am a US Air Force Veteran on Social Security Disability. When I treat my girlfriend she really doesn't like for me to dip into my Wallet... especially $13+ on two meals that we could not eat, even the corn on the cob tasted like it was on boiled in old water! I felt bad buying a meal that she would not eat, she looks exhausted cuz she worked two days straight and then she had to take me to the VA hospital for cancer removal operation that I had done on me and I looked up the nearest location on the way home because the one close to her house was shut down.
It is no wonder so many churches franchises are closing all over the United States I was in Ohio and noticed that there was not one churches in Springfield Ohio. I have been noticing that many franchises are closing in the south side or north side randomly here and there in San Antonio. I guess moving to Atlanta provoked Church's fried chicken to become a greedy franchise to where they don't have to put out quality food since people are too tired to cook after A Hard Day's Work...they will pay anything 4 prepared Fried Chicken!
If you wish to contact me I am at

P.S. it would not surprise me if Church's fried chicken goes completely under and loses all their franchises because of the way you all are conducting your business right now go back to the 1970 standards people!

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