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Ronald Jenkees
I make music because it's fun
I make music because it's fun


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Right now I'm working on 5 tunes for a game called There Came an Echo (mid-2014 release on Steam) and wanted to share one of them. The entire soundtrack will be available on Steam and I'll be releasing my part plus some other songs at the same time.

PSS. Here's more info on my next album if you're interested:…cae-sountrack/

Thanks for listening!! :)

I hope your holidays are filled with fun tunes and good times. Here's some more newnew for that RJCD3. HAHA. I got ready to post this 3 hrs ago and just kept working away on it. Thanks a million for soundcloud/facebook/whatever comments on these tunes I've been posting. I read them all and I'm super-thankful for them.
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