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Peanuts Nativity
Hi!! It´s been really long since I posted last time. I have been doing some projects, but not posting them on the blogs. I´ll start posting them now and would like to start with the latest one since christmas is around the corner. In the video I show how I ...

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Kawaii easter bunny made out of socks / Coelho kawaii feito de meias
Hi Guys!! It`s been long since last time posting on the blog. I have been dedicating myself actually to my drawings and then didn`t do any craft at all. I already have an old channel on Youtube where I post my speed drawing videos, but now I created a new c...

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Kratos "God of War" fan art
Hi, keeping up with my pastel drawings, today I bring you another speed painting. This time it`s Kratos from the "god of War" game. I have alwais been fascinated by the graphics on this game, and always felt like chalenging myself to draw him. Feel like the...

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Fan art
Hi, I am fascinated about animation, specially stop motion animation. It makes me just feel like... I don`t know... I wanna make one of those characters out of clay ... One month ago at work one of my coleagues who has a 3 y.o. daughter told me that the gir...

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Needle felted poodle
Hi,   Just passing by to show one more pic of a cute little dog I`ve made. Just can`t stop felting.   XOXO      

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Merino Wool
Hallo!!   So it`s been a while since last post. And it was exactly about something I`ve been doing... procrastinating... a lot. But today I got so excited to share with you my new passion: Merino wool. In the beginning I though it would not turn out so well...

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Hi!! Thinking about how I get my things done and actually getting pretty upset about it, (yes, I procrastinate a lot) I was watching some videos on You Tube and wondering if it`s just me or if it is something all artists go through. Well, I found some video...

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The final piece
Hi, Now the piece is finally finished. I used a box from IKEA and it turned into a cute vintage circus themed shadow box. Here are some detailed pics. Now i got so many new inspirations about circus, I wanna make more... I think I will start in 3, 2, 1... XOXO

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Vintage circus
Hi! So the last post was about one of my little bears that I wanted to put into a vintage circus themed shadow box. I`m so in love with circus that I wanna make other boxes and frames wtih this theme. For instance I will let you take a look at one pic and l...

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Hi! It`s been a while I had a project in mind with a circus theme, but it should be in a vintage style and cute. I couldn`t wait to get this done and decided to post a pic of one of the cuties on the scene. Hope you like it!
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