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KEVIN: You doing okay?
ME: Mm.
KEVIN: What's wrong?
ME: I have to illustrate Bread Wizard.
KEVIN: And....?
ME: I sorta thought by this time I'd be better at drawing humans.

I haven't even gotten edits back on the script yet, let alone said three words to the art director, and I'm already wishing I'd made all the characters gerbils.
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Humans just aren't as interesting as Hamsters :p
If it helps, I really liked the look of Librarian Vo in Digger. His face was full of character (aka, funny looking but in a good way).

(Now is when I find out that drawing Librarian Vo gave you fits and you never want to draw that face again.)
reminds me of the mental Floss "facts you probably didn't know about maurice sendak" he couldn't draw horses, which is why the Wild Things are things instead of wild horses.
Ah, so that's why so many characters in Digger wore veils.
What if you retcon everything so instead of Bread Wizard, you're illustrating BEARD WIZARD. A wizard with the power of beard.

I'm not sure if it would help, but it would be amazing.
You've got this. You can totally do this. 
+Ursula Vernon Ugh, I think I saw one of those pulled out of a drain once. Stick with the bread golems.
I feel your pain. I am still trying to learn, I had my first life drawing class yesterday, after 20+ years of drawing stuff.
If it helps any... Don't think of it as drawing humans. Think of it as drawing shaved monkeys.
Mind you.,. If you were to mention a story about "Shaved monkeys with BEARDs" would anybody other than Ursula come to mind?
If I give humans weird muzzles and ears like that, people will run screaming from the book!
Because, furries ruin everything! 😜

(Imagine how boring Dr Seuss would have been with humans only!)
+James Kelley Since the book involves all the other wizards being dead, I dunno if he WANTS a cameo. He'd be a corpse.
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