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Ursula Vernon
Author of "Dragonbreath," "Nurk," and the comic "Digger." Gardener. Artist. Creator of small oddities.
Author of "Dragonbreath," "Nurk," and the comic "Digger." Gardener. Artist. Creator of small oddities.

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So a few weeks ago I got an unsolicited text for "Celebrity Gossip." I ignored it, assuming it was spam and under standard spammer rules, you don't let them know there's a warm body on the other end of the line.

Last night I get a text informing me that they have charged me $9.99 for their text messages. Kevin checked the bill, and sure enough, they've been billing me for a month. Never opted in, never replied, nothin'.

AT&T was awesome when I called, it was fast and painless and the rep was pissed on my behalf, they cancelled everything, blocked the texts, and set it up so nobody can do that to my phone now.

So that's awesome, but I'm still sure that's illegal behavior, and I kinda want to find the people involved and kick them in the head. If you get these texts, gang, call your phone company.

Cooler and breezy today. Probably the last nice day until October, as it will hit 100 on Friday. Took advantage of it to sling a half-dozen wheelbarrows of mulch about. Suspect that from here on it, it's all watering, harvest, and hoping not to melt.

I can always tell when I'm trying to unpack after a con. I find myself wandering around unpacking something then getting distracted then going into the other room to get the thing that I needed for the one thing, but then starting that other thing that was in the other room, but wait, why is that one thing only half done?

Also, my tube of Titan Buff does not belong in the cashbox.

Back from the con, and have to get edits done NOW before my editor goes into labor. This is not a deadline I have ever had to work around before. I am torn between hoping that she doesn't go soon, and thinking that she'd probably like to Get It Over With Already.

 ...and then she made the grim realization that she had sent 90% of the jumbo prints off to an art show in Texas some months previously, and now had exactly three prints for the con in one week.

If you need me, I'll be chained to the printer.

Mulched the big patch on the sideyard that had been lawn once and had fallen into wrack and ruin, by which I mean pigweed and ryegrass. It took a lot of burlap and about an hour and a half of wheelbarrow-and-pitchfork work, and I have saddened many spittlebugs, but it is now comprehensively smothered, which means I can actually get at the raspberries again. Also I found a hose. 

Sometime--probably next spring--I will decide that it is far too large an area to merely be mulched, and build an island bed in the middle of it. For now, however, it is no longer pumping weed seeds and deer ticks into the garden, and I can get through without donning hip boots, and that's a Good Thing. (Although I do regret traumatizing the spittlebugs.)

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In which I talk about that bit where you send them a draft and they send you back a lot of red ink and good ideas and you cry a lot and wonder why you didn't become a medical test subject and the book gets a lot better as a result.

Ladies and gentlemen--HAMSTER PRINCESS is a go! Dial has picked up three books in the series!

They won't start coming out until 2015, so any small girls you may have interested in the adventures of the ferocious Princess Nibblemark and her riding-quail Mumfrey may possibly have aged out, but we'll hope not!


KEVIN: You doing okay?
ME: Mm.
KEVIN: What's wrong?
ME: I have to illustrate Bread Wizard.
KEVIN: And....?
ME: I sorta thought by this time I'd be better at drawing humans.

I haven't even gotten edits back on the script yet, let alone said three words to the art director, and I'm already wishing I'd made all the characters gerbils.

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Canine Composition goes to e-bay!
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