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Michael R. Lawrence CISSP
Computer Geek, Elcecctic , Mavrick, Sarcasticly ,MMO Junkiee....and a Pagan too.....
Computer Geek, Elcecctic , Mavrick, Sarcasticly ,MMO Junkiee....and a Pagan too.....

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( Base image... & binary repo....)

got Zenmap working , equo works kinda.... 60-75% ish far as menus, however sqliteDB kinda broken so some functions dont work... but i figured on the off chance it would work... why not give it a go... as it would make the ability to perhaaps put out a repo...
molecule Jenkins built.. go-lang etc...

so far none to bad for a meddlesome tinkerer...

however if sakaki makes for DUAL-ABI ie arm32/arm64 , the ability to use sabayon existing arm7 packages might open up... and as more arm64 opens , convert to native.... 64bit....
*arm64 server for cloud security research , is an interest of mine... ** anyhow this would be a proof of concept.

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**untar ++ DD in one go **, (windows 7zip, and etc IE rufus or older win32-diskimager, RUFUS works , however Etcher got the *EASY/LAZY Button*)
Windows , Linux , MAC , if tinkering with RaspberryPI its handy to have , <Gentoo has a bug to Crete a package> , however Bins are available. (as well , they have an RPI-3 image , resin-io , contain docker etc. ie if you have more than one RPI unit/s and using them to Distcc jobs to.. )

SAKAKI , I have a Crude docker container but I need to fix one of the tarballs.
but at anyrate , could cluster them in docker on cheep RPI3's for now.. 

meddling with building a few Sabayon / Pentoo packages ... against it slow going ....
buts its pure 64bit ARM....
xfce porthole slowish... better over putty...

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Sweet.... if only the state would Bitch slap the trump's Sell out plan as much. 

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hmm nice , useful as vm on a rack,

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Starting a new job, on Monday, February 6th ..
With ATOS as a Security Analyst/Engineer II 

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x11-wm/lumina gave it a go ,

At present not terrible useful ,
Least on Sabayon /Gentoo,

slightly more useful on Debian or Centos...
(good for seim webui Firefox to webui over x11/ssh , as posible alternative to xfce or mate)

As the ui pins are quite customizable. Main start ui , and drawer pins akin to gnome 2 but minimalist. ..
Useful for SecOps , Jr analysts , get to watch the seim/Security ops center dashboards , pretty charts, urls are pined can't scew with much... and if you lock down desktop...

But for home use can pin fave apps/urls to drawers akin to gnome 2 or Windows quick start of yore.. ,

Equo i porthole eix && su , porthole&
Built it ,

Shows a touch of promise,
but you'll want to run it in a Sabayon vm likely. Or have to p-kill x11 ,and or kill all logins to user x...
And relog. To ui change to xfce etc. 

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Gentoo or Pentoo in a box and layman , so far this may be a piece that vexes me. , with the proxy at work its been a royal pain in the ass.
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