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Michael R. Lawrence
Computer Geek, Elcecctic , Mavrick, Sarcasticly ,MMO Junkiee....and a Pagan too.....
Computer Geek, Elcecctic , Mavrick, Sarcasticly ,MMO Junkiee....and a Pagan too.....


Wondering were funtoo will goto mewe etc when G+ burns..

Mewe or something? For when g+ yanks the plug.

So what's the new space, app if g+ dies???

Just fix Google plus.

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sure can trade coins to xmr @ Sabayon
can help BOINC , rainbow tables (*DistrRTgen*/boinc) pen-testing fun , *drugs for cancer / Malaria* BOINC *SETI@home*
by doing tasks for BOINC related projects can earn GRC/& SPARC(Etherium)
can also set a donation address IE Sabayon's which they could exchange to XMR etc.. for many years BOINC has been the windows xp/7/10 Linux *screensaver* for years.. on the house pc's and servers.... (BAM/&

*interesting* can earn Crypto coins for doing seti@home and or cancer Ligo math, helping out
Oh and dominating a few coin's to fave charities like Sabayon , since my pc's are in need of re-fit phhhttt dust /cough ... there old... , a few coins .... prolly what i'd make.. , gid computing has been under threat by newer coins and soon Terrawhats of power more than we humans need to currently run.. to mine more..
however , getting a few coins to run the screensaver i've had on most the boxes for years OK!!.

if Sabayon sets up a grc act I can easily put the pot to 100% donation...
via the grc page... or set up A Sabayon Linux team..
Python to Go-lang trasnpiler..

Sometimes works , often dont...

However for a few python scripts it would be quite the Godsend to transfer to go lang and add as docker/etc modules..

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#Gentoo Linux #Sabayon Linux
emerge -av net-misc/rclone
Sabayon equo i net-misc/rclone , else you can emerge...
this should be rather handy for cloud folder mounting rsync to dropbox/AWS-S3 etc.
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first pass , anyhow need to run python-updater....
and remove the lock file on equo.

though it will now database packages on the Raspberry-pi-3 in 64bit mode.
update db online (no official 64bit arm repo/s are available)

rigo quits running ,
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