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Post has attachment Bamboo Stay Dry Liners
-- The perfect thing to put an end to baby's night waking due to wetness! Just put one of these bamboo/polyester mesh linings between your baby's diaper and skin. Your baby's skin will stay dry all night long!

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Frugal Tips: Sitting Up Support
-- When my son Angus was old enough to sit up, but not steady enough keep himself from falling over, I would put him in a square laundry basket...

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FREEBIE: Dog Breed Colouring Pages (ALL)
-- Tons of free dog breed coloring pages to colour!

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June 27: FREE eBOOKS - Cake making, Organization, Lucid Dreaming, thrillers, and love stories!

US, Canadians and UK - Read for free on your Kindle, Kindle Fire, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, PC, Mac, iPad, iPod Touch or Android tablet...

-- The Ultimate Study Skills Guide ~~ TALES OF A DRIVING INSTRUCTOR ~~ Take The Cake ~~ Manipulation ~~ Organization ~~ Lucid Dreaming Easy Beginners Guidebook ~~ OF THAT DAY AND HOUR ~~ Getting Digital Marketing Right ~~ Shotgun Grandma ~~ Love is Darkness ~~ Lures ~~ Itsy Bitsy Spider ~~ The Winning Spirit ~~ Golf Positive! Live Positive! ~~ Ring Around Rosie ~~ Read, Write, Love at Seaside ~~ Ashes to Ashes ~~ Cry of My Heart

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WHO LOVES Freebies, Sweeps, Coupons! [US]
-- Tuesday's hot offers on Freebies to grab, Contests to enter, and Coupons to save!

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-- Pizza scissors could be the breakout invention of the 21st century! This invention cuts perfect slices and is way better than a pizza cutter. An innovative product that makes sense. They are constructed of stainless steel and plastic and is an easy way to cut and serve pizza slices...

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Frugal Tip: Olive oil also works for lice
-- Katie shared: After trying two doses of Nix and ending up with lice that were still wiggling (ICK!) I used olive oil as a friend suggested...

Post has attachment Kissaluvs Hybrid One Size Contour Diaper
-- Designed to snuggle babies big and small, the Kissaluv's Hybrid Contour are an easy-to-use, economical alternative to fitted diapers. They bring you the convenience of elasticized legs and the freedom of using your own closure system. Made of their superior custom knit cotton fleece and available in unbleached or the same lovely colors as the fitted Kissaluvs, the diapers super soft and durable!

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Frugal BabyTips: Baby Knee Pads
-- Make your own baby knee pads. To protect your crawling baby's tender knees, take a pair of adult's thick, but holey socks, cut off the foot part, fold up the raw edge of the ankle part and zig-zag stitch around...

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June 26: FREE eBOOKS - Change your habits, Lose weight, Better Photography, Attract Wealth and more!

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