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M.A. Keller
Mike Keller growing up in Radford. Michael Keller at JMU and after; publishing as M.A. Keller.
Mike Keller growing up in Radford. Michael Keller at JMU and after; publishing as M.A. Keller.

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There Is the Nocturnal Visitor Whom You Have so Long Taken for the Ghost of Your Mother (1854)
 “The Ghost of Larneville,”  Engraving from the designs of Felix Octavius Carr Darley, Ghost Stories: Collected with a Particular View to Counteract the Vulgar Belief in Ghosts and Apparitions , (Philadelphia: Henry Carey Baird, 1854), frontispiece.

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It Had Draped Arms Extended (1914)
E.W. Hornung, “One Possessed: The Crime Doctor Solves the Mystery of the Brown Devils,” Illustrations by Frederic Dorr Steele, Everybody’s Magazine 30 (February 1914): 281.

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A Ghost Story (1903)
Florence M. Cronise and Henry W. Ward, Illustrations by Gerald Sichel, Cunnie Rabbit, Mr. Spider, and the Other Beef: West African Folk Tales ( London: Swan Sonnenschein & Company, Lim., 1903), frontispiece.

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Indisputable Materializations (1875)
Henry Steel Olcott, People from the Other World, Illustrated by Alfred Kappes and T.W. Williams (Hartford: American Publishing Company, 1875), 73.

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The Three Careers Successive and Conjoined Are Then Tri Unismus of This Tempic Aspect of Being (1872)
Stephen Pearl Andrews,  The Basic Outline of Universology: An Introduction to the Newly Discovered Science of the Universe; Its Elementary Principles; and the First Stages of Their Development in the Special Sciences. Together with Preliminary Notices of Al...

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How To Cook and Why (1914)
Elizabeth Condit and Jessie Ann Long, How to Cook and Why (New York and London: Harper and Brothers Publishers, 1914), 159.

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The Mystical Thesaurus (1899)
Willis F. Whitehead,  Occultism Simplified: Or, the Mystic Thesaurus. Hidden Meaning of the Symbol of the Zodiac...Significance of Alphabets and Tarot Cards...Mystery of Numbers...How to Make and Use the Magic Mirror by Means of Which Communication Can Be E...

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Useful Cookery Hints for Every Joint (1920)
Cuts of Meat and How to Use Them (Montreal:  Stanford’s Limited, 1920), cover.

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Men May Almost Be Said to Be “Walking Bumps,” or More or Less Perfect Living Exponents of Each of the Prominent Phrenological Organs (1870)
Phrenological Journal and Life Illustrated , new series 1 (March 1870): cover.

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A Collection of Tried Receipts (1905)
The Hebrew Day Nursery, Pots, Pans, and Pie Plates & How to Use Them: A Collection of Tried Receipts (Baltimore: The Lord Baltimore Press, 1905), cover.
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