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On Sunday I witnessed another beautiful tribute to the 9/11 tragedy in the form of the now famous towers of lights. They are truly beautiful and can be visible from a very long distance. I had notice last year the incredible number of birds trapped in the light beams. You can see the shining lights in the beams. Their frenetic movements in the light is at the same time beautiful and disturbing. The vibration of life in this cold blue light is almost magical. The good thing is that the NYC Audubon staff along with Michael Ahern Production Services, Inc. and the National September 11 Memorial and Museum have procedures (Short interruptions of a few minutes in the lighting) to release these birds from this deadly trap before the magical sight turns to disturbing carnage. It is migration time and the number of species that NYC Audubon spotted in the beam is quite impressive: "American redstarts, black-and-white warblers, Baltimore orioles, and cuckoos,/…./peregrine falcon that was taking advantage of the congregation of small birds/...6 different species of bat."
Interestingly I had taken a similar photo last year but the number of birds seemed much higher and they distributed over a much larger vertical extent of the beam...
Thanks Audubon and city official for managing tribute and wildlife in the best way possible. A thought though…. What about trying another type of light with a spectrum a little less effective in attracting birds?
#birds #citylights #NYC #lighttribute #911 #worldtradecenter #newyork #birding

Hey all!
I recently acquired an Olympus OMD-EM5 and had suffered through a few lock-ups in New York. I have read things about the sleep mode and deactivated it but still got quite a few more freezing. I am now in Puerto Rico since yesterday and I have experienced close to 5 episodes in 2 days. I think that this issue is caused by a problem related to the temperature of the camera as this problem has worsened a lot since ambient temperature is much higher here than in NYC these days. Did anybody notice that? Am I missing an easy fix here?
#omd-em5 #olympus camera

Thanks for your advice G+ people 

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Optimal body positioning to survive the heat wave :) 

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Waiting for the musicians. Harlem

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Here is a new circle created by +Gene Bowker , thank you for including me! 
Photographers to follow the  2013  #alphabetcircles  by +Gene Bowker 

First Name A-C

Feel free to reshare in your stream!

I love it when people take the time to reshare these circles.

It does take time to go through each profile and verify that they are active and meet the standards for inclusion.

More importantly it allows my friends to be introduced to your friends.. and promotes some great photography on G+.

So how did I decide who is in the circles this time?

1) Active They have posted within the last month. With the holidays a lot of folks have slowed down but these folks are still there. Yes, I visited each stream.

2) Original These photographers are sharing "THEIR OWN WORK" and their stream is mostly photography.
3) Interactive I try to find folks who are interactive and comment on their own posts and the posts of others.
There are some names you will recognize in here for sure but there are also some folks you probably don't know yet. Hopefully you will take some time to check them out and see if they have room in your circles.

Not in here

You can read more about how I select at

Be Original. Be Active. Be Interactive.

There is a good chance we'll cross paths before I share the circles again.

Note the A folks get a special treat as I originally shared them as a seperate circle last week.

#FollowFriday   #Photography   #Friends  

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A little slow exposure on our gigantic Christmas lights

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Did you guys see the nice colors on the new WTC for Christmas?

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Army trucks transporting debris from the beach front in Far Rockaway.

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Shadows of Far Rockaway

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Scene from Far Rockaway. Army corps to help managing the situation there after Sandy. Strange to see that in New york
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